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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by MJ, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. MJ

    MJ Guest

    im wondering if i have to do anything special to use my Sims 2 games on
    vista after i have installed it. Like if it has already moved them or if i
    have to install them again and i will loose all my saved setting in the game.
    Now i am only 14 and i have my own computer and if you reply try to make it
    as simple as you can so i can understand!!! tehe!!! also will i have enough
    memory for my games along with all the other basic programs you have to have
    to run vista alone and enhance it with only 1GB? because if i don't have to
    buy more memory i wont because im only 14 remember and i have no money!!
    tehe!!! THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

    MJ, Mar 31, 2007
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  2. MJ

    Betty Guest

    I have Sims 2 plus all expansion packs. I personally don't think 1 gig is
    enough to play the game really well! That is.....if you have all EP's too
    plus a lot of downloads.

    Also what video card do you have???

    Betty, Mar 31, 2007
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  3. MJ

    MJ Guest

    Video card................umm i think that it is NVIDIA or
    Well i don't have all the EP's but three umm did you experience any
    difficulty reinstalling them or did you even need to? Im not a diehard sims
    player so i don't download a lot. (but i do love the game a lot!) WBS
    MJ, Mar 31, 2007
  4. MJ

    Dale White Guest

    Somewhere on your desktop and right click, then choose properties, under XP
    you would then choose the settings Tab, then there is a box that says
    display, that's where you can tell what video card you have. Here's an
    example of what you would see

    From there you can tell that I have a ATI 9600 Mobility card.

    If you have a beefy enough video card, then the 1GB won't hurt as bad.
    Seeing how my girlfriend was playing the Sims2 on a P2-500 celeron with
    384MB of ram and a GF4MX card, it's doable, though painful. But she loves
    her SIMs Now with her config, she ran into the problem of not being able to
    have enugh SIMs in the game to achieve some goal of like havin 10 people at
    a party, has the System would only generate up to 4 sims at a time.

    I've since upgraded the GF's system to something a little more robust and
    after we had a fight, I got back at her and loaded Vista on her system. That
    will teach her ! I was able to reload the base SIMS2 and play it with no
    patches, though I had the Special DVD version, which may of had a few
    patches pre-applied.

    But anyways, since you're 14, I'm going to guess Mums and dad aren't going
    to spend much $$ on upgrading you to play the sims, as they probably expect
    you to be using that computer to solve world hunger and such. I think
    you're system will do well enough, if you have a decent video card
    Dale White, Mar 31, 2007
  5. MJ

    MJ Guest

    Alright well i downloaded the 'Windows Vista Upgrade Manager' and it Said
    that my video card isn't compatible (mine is and NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE) So
    thats just peachy!!!!! I want to upgrade to Vista soo bad!! but Along with my
    video card my speakers printer and something thats called a Broadcom 440x/100
    High Definition Audio CODEC (what ever in the world that is??!!?!?) wont work
    either! so isn't there different drivers you can buy to make them work or
    what should i do? I don't feel like talking to an actual microsoft cosomer
    sevice person because the confuse me too much! I have tried talking to
    dell(thats the kind of computer i have!) but they also confuse me!!!

    Guess what happened!!!!

    Well just by chance a on Saturday i had opened internet and tottaly forgot
    what i was going to do so i just decided to go and see what has happened in
    the latest Vista news and then i went to dell looking for and explanation to
    why my devices arnt compatible and the told me to go the the dell vista
    ugrade site and i did and I accidentally started to agree to get my free
    upgrade and it turned out that was a good thing!! because that day was the
    last day to redeem your free upgrade!!! AMAZING that this all happened
    because i forgot what i was doing!!(Dont worry i got at least $20 out of my
    parents to pay for shipping and handleing!)

    So also the reason we hadn't gotten our vista free upgrade yet is because we
    were waiting for all the bugs and glitches to be worked out so then we
    wouldn't have to be the guinea pigs to all the problems but i was wondering
    if you have noticed any general problems at all so if so let me know!

    Thank you for your help! (your story about your GF is funny!!!! R u still
    together after you put vista on her computer?)

    MJ, Apr 1, 2007
  6. MJ

    Dale White Guest

    Yes the little lady and I are still together, she actually likes Vista. But
    mainly because it's pretty and she barely uses the system outside of
    checking web mail, IM chat and playing the SIMS. So I could have loaded
    Windows 95 and wouldn't matter. As long as she can access the web, Chat and
    play the SIMS, she's happy happy. I just like to make the joke about getting
    mad at her and loading Vista as payback

    The Broadcom 44x is most likely your network card. I actually have a few
    Broadcomm device and it's odd that your's is listed as incompatile.

    I don't think yourr speakers have anything to worry about being Vista

    What printer do you have ?

    Keep in mind, just because you get your upgrade, doesn't mean that you
    actually have to use it anytime soon. It should be a CD and a serial key,
    that you could wait as long as you want to upgrade.

    What strikes me odd, is you have a PC that comes with a Vista upgrade
    coupon, but you have equipment that the Vista upgrade advisor says isn't
    compatibile with Vista. Accordng to nVidia, your 6150LE is supported under

    Why is it you want to upgrade to Vista so bad ?

    Here's my two cents. You probably need to sit down with the parents, and in
    a loving carng, you guys are the greatest kinda way, tell them your PC
    "might" be a little under powered for Vista ( and cough while saying it )
    and The SIMS2. See if you can get them to commit to helping you get some
    fairly cheap upgrade parts, like a Nvidia 7600GS card for around $100, maybe
    a new sound card for $50 ( though I don't think you're going to need this)

    Basically, you need to setup a Plan B, in case what you have doesn't work
    and you decide to upgrade to Vista now instead of waiting another 3 months.
    I think for even the SIMS you're going to want a new video card has the
    6150LE is pretty crappy in my book.

    Obviously, you could have one of your parents post on here as well, asking
    for more help or clarification on what is being suggested and why.
    Understand, we're working with limited information of your exact system
    specs and so we can only make generic suggestions
    Dale White, Apr 1, 2007
  7. MJ

    MJ Guest

    Well my speakers arn't actually dell i got them for Christmas and they are
    CreAtive so that may be a reason. Now if and when i get my new vista upgrade
    what do you suppose it will be? Basic or Premium because they recommend
    premium and most companies sell what they recommend as a minority level of
    what you get and if you want more you have to pay.
    would you recommend maybe installing Vista before changing andd buying new
    things to see if they actually do work? I just don't want to spen $ if i
    don't have to. If i do need to upgrade networking card and video card what do
    you recommend?
    I would need one that is capable and cheap!

    Printer wise i have an hp photosmart 7550 series I share it with the family
    computer (if have mine in my room and connect to the whole family's DSL and
    Printer along with my dad's laptop computer) but portable printers are
    actually pretty cheap (around 70 bux here i think)

    You know im not surprised that my devices are listed as compatible on their
    sights because a friend of mine just got vista and their McAfee works, when
    the Vista Advisor said that it wouldnt be capable with it! obviously
    something is fishy there!

    I just want vista because it is new techology and i just LOVE LOVE when new
    advancements come out! its just so cool! and if it works faster and easier...
    well all the better! why not kill two birds with one stone!! I pretty much
    watched the whole introduction to Vista on the day it came out when Bill
    Gates Announced it and explained it! But that got confusing because i don't
    have an XBOX 360.....Like your GF, i also think its pretty...... its just a
    girl thing!! :)

    MY parents could very well come on and comment but now my dad is just
    wanting to wait for Vista and since i want it now he said its my problem and
    that when i find out what needs to be changed i should tell him. So thats why
    im doing this on my own!

    My mom wants to know if i install Vista nad it doesn't work if i can
    uninstall it and put XP back on.

    Glad to hear that you two are still toether!(and if you wern't i would think
    that breaking up over Vista is a little materialistic! And that wouldn't be
    good for Microsoft now would it!! tehe!)

    Thanx again!!
    MJ, Apr 2, 2007
  8. Well, the reason I said I'm surprised the speakers would be an issue, is
    there isn't a certification for speakers and operation systems. Only for the
    sound card they plug into. Unless you have some kind of funky USB speakers.

    I doubt the printer will be a problem. I have the 7350 and the 7210
    printers. The 7350 is about 3 years old now and the 7210 is about 2 years
    old. Both work under Vista just fine.

    More than likely the Vista upgrade will be Home Prem. I'd be shocked if they
    gave you basic.

    Yes, I recommend installing vista before buying anything. Again, my focus
    was having a plan B in case you get Vista installed, you don't want those
    evil parents telling you "too bad suka !" when something doesn't work. I
    feel very confident that everything is going to work with Vista, else Dell
    wouldn't have offered the upgrade on it.

    It's iffy if you'll really like those new technologies. The visual stuff is
    easy to like. The other stuff like the UAC, not so easy to love. Also,note
    you'll be getting a upgrade to XP , which means you'll be installing over
    your current XP. I hate that myself, as that always seems to bring in
    problems. I prefer installing Vista from scratch to keep everything clean.
    It's my understanding that you will not be able to go back to XP, since
    upgrading will "turn off" you XP's serial key. I can't confirm this, but
    that's my understanding. In order to go back to XP, you would basically need
    to buy a copy. This is to keep someone from upgrading one PC to Vista, and
    then using that XP serial again on another machine and then buying another
    upgrade version of Vista. You are basically trading your license in, for a
    newer one, once you install Vista. At least, that's my understanding.

    The Xbox360 is just one little thing of some of the new Vista features.
    Basically, if you had Home movies, you could stream those videos over the
    network and watch those videos via your Xbox360 on a TV. You can also use
    some of the Xbox360 hardware on a Vista PC. You can actually do the video
    streaming already with XP.

    Finally, I agree with your dad. Vista is new and anytime a new OS is
    released, just like games, they have bugs. After 6 months to a year, the
    really major bugs tend to get fixed.
    An example, is the Girlfriend was playing the Sims Life Stories, she at a
    place where the Character is pregnant and should have given birth, but there
    is a bug that is keeping her from giving birth, so she can't finish that
    level. She's pretty mad too. The other character had a bug to where there
    was a partying going on, then all of a sudden, his girlfriend starting
    cloning and she kept cloning until the game crashed. She got the game the
    day it was released.

    Nothing ruins the excitement of getting something new, then it not working
    or working correctly.
    Dale M. White -LV32, Apr 2, 2007
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