Since installing IE7 RC, I can no longer open Outlook 2007 hyperli

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by bobengel, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. bobengel

    bobengel Guest

    I've been using Office 2007 beta and Outlook 2007 for some time with IE7
    betas and had no problems clicking on e-mail embedded hyperlinks and having
    my defualt browser start.

    Since installing the latest IE7 release, when I double-click emailed
    hyperlinks in Outlook 2007, an error message indicates that the file cannot
    be opened. I then have to open a window that lists all of my apps and
    manually select a browser after which the page opens fine. Even after
    checking the option to use that browser on files of that type in the future,
    I still have to manually select the browser each time I double-click a
    hyperlink in an Outlook 2007 e-mail message.

    Does anyone else have this problem and does anyone know of a solution? I
    can't find any way to uninstal the latest IE7 release because the uninstall
    programs currently listed are only for IE7 betas and they don't seem to work
    for the latest release.
    bobengel, Oct 22, 2006
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