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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Talk' started by Clinton, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Clinton

    Clinton Guest

    Hi. I've been trying to install Skype on my mom's computer running Vista.
    When Skype starts to install, it comes up with an error saying not enough
    disk space. It's a core 2 duo Dell, with 3GB RAM and over 500GB of free
    disk space. Skyp tech support was not help. They said to send them a log
    file from Skype, but since it wont even install, there is not log. Does
    anyone have any ideas on what I might try next?
    Clinton, Feb 3, 2011
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  2. Clinton

    Rich. Guest

    You can try emptying the temp folders on the hard drive.

    C:\Users\<current user>\AppData\Local\Temp

    Skip over any files that won't delete because they are currently in use.
    After you're done, empty the Recycle Bin.
    Rich., Feb 3, 2011
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  3. Clinton

    Clinton Guest

    Thanks. That didn't work but I did get it installed. I found the skype.msi
    file and ran that instead of their stupid installer that you download.
    Clinton, Feb 7, 2011
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