Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help' started by Bill W., Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Bill W.

    Bill W. Guest

    My acer computer was running skype nicely until two days ago. When I booted
    skype an update box opened and asked if I wanted the latest version. Usually
    a good idea so i clicked yes and there was a download to a newer edition.
    Since then every time I start skype, the color composition of the monitor
    goes down to "low color" instead of 32 bit color. I have looked at every
    place in Skype and the ATI site for an answer but there is nothing except an
    attempt to upgrade the driver of the ATI Radeon series 2001 which seems to
    be a catch all response to any problem. The problem seems to be with the new
    skype series. The edition I had before worked well. I tried to install an
    earlier edition of skype but that hasn't helped. I realize the real answer
    is: Don't use skype" but I like having video talks with my friend and alaso
    my brother who are out of State. When I use the ATI catalyst program to turn
    t\he color definition back to 32 bit, everything works well until the next
    log in, then the color reverts back to 8 bit. Thanks for any messages or
    fixes. BW
    Bill W., Oct 16, 2010
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