slipstreaming sp2 into windows vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by raj1402, May 3, 2009.

  1. raj1402

    raj1402 Guest

    what s the available method to slip stream windows vista sp2 standalone
    to windows vista(sp1)

    vlite is not supporting slipstreaming of sp2!!!

    is there any other apps software?? i dont want to do it by simple
    just want to know a software that can slipstream standalone sp2 into
    windows vista

    raj1402, May 3, 2009
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  2. When you get your answer, WAIT until the official version is released.
    What is out there now is not the final version.
    Manny Weisbord, May 3, 2009
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  3. raj1402

    Chad Harris Guest

    Hi raj--

    1) Manny's correct about using the official release when it's out.

    2) Google slips stream.

    3) Stay away from v-lite because MSFT is going to lower the boom on it and
    send you into reduced functionality soon if you continue to use it. This
    has been all over the Windows websites lately.


    Chad Harris, May 4, 2009
  4. Actually SP2 was released as an RTM product to both TechNet and MSDN
    subscribers on Friday May 1st.
    The package is currently a stand alone installer and it not slip streamable
    into either a Gold or SP1 DVD image in any supported way.
    Mike Brannigan, May 4, 2009
  5. raj1402

    Chad Harris Guest

    Indeed it was Mike. But the OP didn't indicate he was a Technet/MSDN
    subscription holder, and a plethora of emails go out to those subscribers
    and partners of all stripes notifying them what's available most of the
    time. It's my impression that most people who post here and in the Vista
    General group aren't subscribers to either of those two services.

    MSFT has been anouncing that Win 7 RC1 was available to people when it won't
    be public for several hours.

    What makes me smile, and I want to know is why in the world did MSFT pull
    the ability to make a Startup Repair Disk off of the SP1 All Programs menu
    when it sat there like a hen layin' eggs throughout the Beta of Vista SP1.

    Then they brilliantly parked it in SP1 and in SP2 of Vista in the system 32
    folder as ole recdisc.exe (disc with a "c" at Redmond, and in order for it
    to work in those two service pack mods of the OS, it needs a security tab
    tweak which is easy enough, but not for end users. Further, they hid it so
    well, most MVPs I've spoken with didn't know it existed. Then in Win7 every
    build they put the hen back on the All Programs menu where it sits there
    avialble to make a repair disk. Maybe in the spirit of the new Star Trek
    movies, MSFT is just pushing the Raiders of the Lost Ark theme/mem in Vista
    hiding that valuable ability in System 32.

    Somehow, I just don't see the soccer mom, or the kids about 7 years old to
    eleven years old, to the red head "Lauren" in the "I'm a PC commercials" who
    are ecstatic that they found big screen laptops for under $1500 that aren't
    as easy to find in the real world with the features they found in the
    commercials sayin' "Like think I'll head to the system 32 folder to make my
    ole repair disk at ole recdisc.exe like." I don't even see it showing up in
    those commercials.

    How MSFT has Hidden the Ability to Make a Repair Disk in Vista SP1 and Vista
    SP2 and then parked it back on the All Programs Menu not requiring a UAC
    tweak in Win 7

    How you can get around this easily if you have Vista SP1 and SP2

    Chad Harris, May 4, 2009
  6. raj1402

    Guest Guest

    Is it the case that the repair disk image is the same for an SP1 system
    and an SP2 system? In particular, are the repair disks available from
    the link above equally valid for SP1 and SP2 systems?

    Guest, May 6, 2009
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