slow speeds after uninstalling IE7 and reinstalling IE6

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by stevenski, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. stevenski

    stevenski Guest

    Ok, this is complex.

    I installed IE7(via Windows recommended Update). It wouldnt allow me to
    connect so I uninstalled it, which automatically re-installed IE6. However, I
    was then left with 2 other problems:
    1. very slow initial connection to 'net after booting up, with homepage
    taking time to load and loading in bits, with "connecting to site.." etc etc.
    Ie. not broadband speeds, like I had before I installed IE7.(I have a
    broadband connection; my ISP is Telewest Bluyonder, who are, incidentally,
    not supporting instalation of IE7, but I didnt know that then as they hadnt
    publicised it). Slightly less slow but STILL SLOW speeds on each attempt to
    go into the IE browser, and even getting up individual sites after this.
    2. Slow connection to Outlook Express.

    I am not choosing to re-install IE7 in any circumstances as it has obviously
    led to a myriad of problems for many people. I want to stick with IE6, which
    worked fine till all this.

    So, I tried these diagnostics and remedies:

    1. I switched the modem off and on again, with no effect on the 2 above

    2.My ISP helped me run the standard tests on download speeds and transfer
    rates, which are actually slightly higher than normal for my type of
    broadband connexion. So, its not a problem with the ISP or the 'net connexion
    in itself.

    3.I created a restore point to before I attempted to install IE7; again, no
    return to original quick speeds or fast connexion to Outlook.

    4. The ISP helped me check if the problem was that bits of IE7 were still
    installed in my system files. I looked: there is nothing there. they came up
    with a likely(it seems to me also) conclusion that bits of IE6 may not have
    been re-configured or re-installed properly. How do I check this and what do
    i do about it?

    5. ISP also suggested I see if my McAfee security programmes(I only have a
    VS and a Firewall) were thinking IE7, or parts of it, were still installed. I
    disabled the VirusScan but the 'net and Outlook connection and downloading
    speeds stayed slow. I am very loathe to disable the Firewall but am open to
    suggestions if there could be a possible clash here.

    6.I have installed Firefox 2.0; but the speeds are no faster. Which inclines
    me to think installation of the cursed IE6 has buggered up my computer or
    messed up the 'net connexion.

    I am loathe to restore the whole computer to its factory settings but will
    consider this if there is a reasdonable swathe of opinion recommending it. I
    am also loathe to change my connection settings but again will have to
    consider it if appropriate or necessary.

    Will be glad of any ideas. I am also contacting MSN Support direct though I
    suspect there is probably a bit of a conspiracy of silence whilst they try
    and resolve some of the multiple problems. Thanks

    stevenski, Nov 11, 2006
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  2. Tools | Internet Options | Connections
    Click LAN Settings
    Uncheck Automatically detect settings.
    Frank Saunders, MS-MVP OE/WM, Nov 11, 2006
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