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Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Mike, Dec 1, 2004.

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    I have a customer that I setup a SBS 2003 server. 3 branch offices have
    either 1/2 or full P2P T1's. One other branch I setup with a site to site
    VPN using Sonicwall. Everything (VNC, Outlook via Exchange server, terminal
    emulator connecting to server, pretty much all IP apps) work great, EXCEPT
    anything dependent on windows browsing. The PC at this branch is WinXP(just
    upgraded to SP2, with no resolve). I copied a 2.5 MB file from the server
    to the PC in 48 seconds so it partially works.

    I know XP and 2003/AD are very dependent on DNS for browsing, however I'm
    sure everything is setup properly. Both server and this PC have only the
    server for DNS servers, the internal domain is listed for a suffix for both,
    I have a reverse zone setup for this(and all)network which the PC is
    registering itself in.

    When I do a packet sniff on this PC I see an excess of port 445 traffic(see
    sample below) to the point where I think the PC is trying to resolve and
    that's what the big delays are when you go to access network shares or do a
    File>Open in Word(which has My Docs as Document dir and My Docs is
    redirected to user folder via group policy).

    Please help. Is there a way to tell this PC to not try to resolve whatever
    way it's attempting when these delays occur? Like I said the other 3
    branches connecting via T1s work fine and this branch works fine accross the
    VPN for all other IP applications.

    ---sample of packet sniffing----
    ------------ Item: 1 ------------>
    TCP 144 58403 445 2:52:58.190 PM,

    [email protected]ü¥À¨õÀ¨ ä#½Â¡§å75|PüOÏ¡dÿSMB¢È

    ------------ Item: 2 ------------>
    TCP 179 445 58403 2:52:58.190 PM,

    E³ÿª@?qIÀ¨ À¨õ½ä#å75|¡§kPÿ+T$?ÿSMB¢~È

    ------------ Item: 3 ------------>
    TCP 180 58403 445 2:52:58.268 PM,

    [email protected]¶À¨õÀ¨ ä#½Â¡§kå76PûÄ~"^ÿSMB/È
    ÿþ°ñÿÞÞÿÿÿÿ[email protected]î H¸¸

    ------------ Item: 4 ------------>
    TCP 91 445 58403 2:52:58.284 PM,

    E[ÿ«@?q À¨ À¨õ½ä#å76¡§÷PþYS/ÿSMB/~È

    ------------ Item: 5 ------------>
    TCP 103 58403 445 2:52:58.346 PM,

    Egr]@ÿâÀ¨õÀ¨ ä#½Â¡§÷å76:pû'f(;ÿSMB.È
    ÿþÀñ ÿÞÞÿÿÿÿ

    ------------ Item: 6 ------------>
    TCP 172 445 58403 2:52:58.346 PM,

    E¬ÿ¬@?qNÀ¨ À¨õ½ä#å76:¡¨6Pþ`ÁR?ÿSMB.~È
    ÿþÀñ ÿD<E D¸¸ty


    ---end of sample---

    Mike, Dec 1, 2004
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