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Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Susan Bradley, CPA aka Ebitz - SBS Rocks [MVP], Aug 14, 2004.

  1. My apologies for the blantent promotion ... but this is one event that I
    know that if there is one training event to go to, pick this one.

    [and in full disclosure, as a speaker, Harry Brelsford is covering the
    hotel but I don't get any "speaker" fees and I'm taking personal
    vacation days for the days I'll be in Seattle]

    This conference is like my experiences with the MVP summit....more than
    the other geek conferences and events, there is a level of communication
    that occurs with SMBNation and MVP summits that are beyond any other.

    First off, we're totally all SBSers and we don't have to explain why we
    are as wacko as we are, we KNOW hands down the product works. And this
    year, even more so than last years conference, man are the attendees in
    for a treat. You do realize that per the schedule
    http://www.smbnation.com/schedule.htm you will be face to face with SBS
    dev team members/ marketing team members based in Redmond.

    Just like the MVP summits I've gone to, SMBnation, you arrive, you begin
    to talk SBS "geek" talk, and you don't stop talking SBS talk until the
    time you leave.

    Impromptu chats over dinner, "birds of a feather" type meetings,
    swapping tech stories, business ideas. Those of you guys and gals that
    attend your local user group meetings.... think of that and multiply
    that by 10. Those of you guys and gals that only meeting up via online,
    this is the opportunity to put faces with email addresses.

    Again my apologies for the promotion, I hope you will indulge me in this
    posting as in my personal opinion, will send you back to your businesses
    more recharged and pumped up than ever before.


    P.S. I know us SBSers are cheap and in fact Anne Stanton and I are
    sharing a room because.. well it's flat out more fun for girl talk and
    just because. [Okay so in honesty it's because we really have fun
    catching up on the girl talk... it's fun to have a fellow girl geek
    around] So if anyone is on the borderline about going, consider sharing
    a room. [snorers try to bunk up with snorers you know ;-)
    Susan Bradley, CPA aka Ebitz - SBS Rocks [MVP], Aug 14, 2004
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  2. ok, I'll come then.
    Les Connor [SBS MVP], Aug 15, 2004
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  3. I'll be there too!

    Adding to Susan's comments...Many of the community members you see here and
    in the Yahoogroups will be there, as will many of the SBS MVPs, many of the
    familiar MS names. This is one of those conferences where you will know the
    people and names on the badges, you just never met face to face.

    I want to point out that while SMB Nation clearly isn't without an
    attendance entry fee, it's otherwise the closest thing to these NGs you are
    going to find on a national level with a live and face to face version

    Conference Event Dates: Sept 10-13, 2004
    Location: Seattle, WA (Susan said that)
    SBS MVPs expected to hang out there: 9 expected to attend

    In addition to SBS MVPs Susan Bradley and Wayne Small who are already listed
    on the presenters list (Susan posted the agenda link on this thread), it
    looks like a session on SBS Migration will be added. That will provide me a
    forum to explain the alternative method I've mentioned already in this NG,
    and have now documented for SBS migrations.

    [My migration documentation will be a full chapter in an upcoming SBS book
    Harry will publish. An SMB Nation pass was part of my writers compensation,
    that's the extent of my connection. Since the documentation will be ready to
    discuss, I'll be there, and SMB Nation is providing the venue, I've not
    asked to be compensated or reimbursed for speaking. I figure it will be
    convenient for me, it may save me repeating a conversation in the hall 100

    Due to the popular demand and timing of my completing the related
    documentation, the migration session is being added to the schedule, but the
    online schedule doesn't show an outline or time for this session yet. It
    will probably on the end of Sunday's schedule. Here's a quick summary of
    the session topic:

    The SBS 2003 Migration session to be presented by Jeff Middleton, will
    identify a migration alternative to ADMT, In-Place or "abandon the domain"
    new-installs. The session will feature a flexible method for building a
    clean SBS server install into the existing Windows/SBS 2000 and later
    domain, and bringing the new SBS server in almost transparently. This nifty
    process has a number of advantages to IT Pros and the organization running
    SBS, including:

    - Retain identical servername
    - Retain identical domainname
    - Retain identical server IPs
    - Retain the same AD, users/groups/computers upgraded to SBS 2003
    - Retain Group Policies, all namespace, all domain security contexts
    - Retain DHCP, WINS and DNS configuration and customizations
    - No loss of SIDs, no change to workstation profiles
    - Optional method is outlined to retain the Exchange Stores intact via
    direct offline restore to the new server, or use Exmerge to purge mailboxes
    if you prefer
    - Suitable steps allow for server replacement or redeployment with same

    Some of the extend benefits realized in this migration method are:

    - Virtually no prep and reconfiguration required to perform on existing SBS
    - Essentially no prep or intrusive recovery work required to perform at the
    workstations before or after the migration. Only the normal client
    application updates are needed
    - No loss of SBS standard setup process: you use SBS media, get a clean
    server setup, installation is still using the standard SBS server install
    and completion experience
    - Exchange migration occurs as last step, therefore email remains
    continuously operational until store transfer, downtime is limited to store
    transfer time and method
    - Method defines working offline from production LAN, protecting the
    production server, and allows for even offsite construction. Therefore, you
    are provided a safe rollback during the process, or even full-regret
    abandonment of the migration attempt without even requiring repairs to
    production domain. (IT Pros can work in their shop M-F, 8-5, not be on-site
    in off hours and weekends, and solve all transition problems and
    supplemental upgrade issues conveniently before the transition process.)
    - Production domain on existing SBS remains running for the entire time of
    construction, sparing the owner the 'upgrade panic', "when will it be back
    up and is it going to work?".
    - open ended construction time, can span days, weeks (arguably months) for
    your convenience in working when you have free time, or spanning multiple
    weekends if that's your preference.
    - Limited downtime: With a new server replacement, the downtime is limited
    to the time required for data transfer, then you snap the new server into
    place of the old server.
    - With a redeployment of the same server, you have to option to do your
    preparations conveniently over a period of time, as opposed to a weeked
    crash project, provided you can use an extra drive during construction.
    - the process outlined for migration is also suitable for disaster recovery.

    I'm looking forward to seeing some familiar names and faces at SMB Nation.
    If you have been on the fence about attending, it's not too late to get
    yourself in. It should be a fun time and a very worthwhile professional
    development experience!
    Jeff Middleton [SBS-MVP], Aug 16, 2004
  4. Jeff,

    that's all well and good, but you DO REALISE you'll be spending a bucketload
    of time standing in corridors explaining the self same thing you have just
    discussed, and put in a book, and standing there wondering just what's
    happened to the story meantime.

    I had hoped I may meet you at TechEd, I'm unlikely to rectify this at SMB

    SuperGumby [SBS MVP], Aug 16, 2004
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