SNMP Trap Destination

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Brad Baker, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Brad Baker

    Brad Baker Guest

    I'm a little unsure if this is the best group to ask SNMP questions - if not
    suggestions are welcome. (I couldn't find a group dedicated to SNMP

    I'm trying to configure the SNMP agent on several Windows 2000/2003/2008
    systems. When I right click on the SNMP Service, and go to the "Traps" tab
    there is some text which states the trap destinations may be host names, IP
    addresses or IPX addresses.

    By host names would those be NETBIOS host names or DNS host names or doesn't
    it matter? I am trying to use a fully qualified DNS name (
    and it doesn't appear to be working. I used nslookup to confirm name
    resolution does work properly for this dns name. So I am wondering if maybe
    I shouldn't be using a DNS name or a fully qualified address?

    I understand that using a DNS host name does have drawbacks (primarily if
    DNS stops working SNMP does too) but on the other hand if I want to change
    the IP address of the trap destination, I don't want to have to go through
    and update the ip address on all our servers. If I use a DNS name I can
    repoint the SNMP trap destination to a new IP by updating one DNS entry.

    Anyway if someone knows the answer to this question please let me know. So
    far googling hasn't revealed any answers.

    Brad Baker, Dec 11, 2008
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