Socket Error 12019 Error Number 0x80004005

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Erma Watson, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. Erma  Watson

    Erma Watson Guest

    I am having a problem with Outlook Express sending email attachments with
    Hotmail. I went to the Outlook group and someone suggested I come here. I
    get Socket Error 12019 when I try to send a picture attachment with Outlook
    Express. I have searched other groups but cannot find anyone else having
    this problem. I have looked at this error but do not know what it means. I
    have made sure that the attachment is small enough. Any suggestions?
    Erma Watson, Sep 21, 2004
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  2. You mention Outlook Express and Hotmail.
    Hotmail is a web based mail.
    Socket Error indicates error in network communication.
    I would suspect that the network connection between your Outlook Express
    client and Hotmail web mail service times out.
    As a workaround, I'd sugest that you try using web browser to send pictures
    via Hotmail.

    Dusko Savatovic
    Dusko Savatovic, Sep 22, 2004
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