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Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Gary S, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. Gary S

    Gary S Guest

    I believe my software assurance subscription runs out the end of July. I'd
    appreciate any thoughts on SBS users feeling as to whether this program is
    wothwhile for the cost.

    Is it still offered? If so, are you buying it? Thanks
    Gary S, Jul 6, 2004
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  2. the question has been asked before, and yes it is still available, and yes,
    some people are choosing to stay with it. Susan Bradley gives an indepth
    answer if you Google this NG.
    Kevin Weilbacher [SBS-MVP], Jul 6, 2004
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  3. Gary S

    Gary S Guest

    thanks, would you buy it? do you recommend it to your customers or others?
    Gary S, Jul 7, 2004
  4. I have a customer who's SA runs out in August. I have not yet decided what I
    will do for them. Personally, for my home/office setup, I sign up for
    Microsoft Action Pack - I have more software now than I will ever use!

    Kevin Weilbacher [SBS-MVP]
    "The days pass by so quickly now, the nights are seldom long"

    Kevin Weilbacher [SBS-MVP], Jul 8, 2004
  5. Gary S

    Gary S Guest

    Gary S, Jul 8, 2004
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