Software Distribution Service 3.0

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by ashley, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. Perhaps this is the known issue with zonealarm when the latest security updates
    are installed. Try turning Windows Firewall on and removing ZoneAlarm, see if
    the problem goes away.

    Harry Johnston [MVP], Jul 10, 2008
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  2. ashley

    Murray A Guest

    New at this and may have posted twice. Sorry if I have.

    I am also having problems after installing the above update.
    I see it has been said," That’s not something coming from windows update.
    There is nothing called that in the update catalogue." From Eddie Bowers
    Security Support Microsoft Corporation.
    However, I've rung Microsoft New Zealand and they confirm that it is a
    Microsoft update and it has issues with Zone Alarm. They say that, they and
    Zone Alarm are working towards a fix.
    I have restored my system, not in safe mode, to just before the above update
    took place and immobilised Windows automatic up date until this problem is
    Hope this helps.
    Murray A, Jul 11, 2008
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  3. ashley

    Murray A Guest

    Hi Bob,
    I don't seem to have the up date you show, however, I do have the one that
    seems to be giving the same problem you are experiencing. I rang Microsoft
    and they say it is a problem between the up date and Zone Alarm. If you go
    onto the Zona Alarm site, they suggest a couple of fixes. Their new up date
    fixed my problem. I didn't do options one or two.

    Workaround to Sudden Loss of Internet Access Problem
    Date Published : 8 July 2008
    Date Last Revised : 9 July 2008
    Overview : Microsoft Update KB951748 is known to cause loss of internet
    access for ZoneAlarm users on Windows XP/2000. Windows Vista users are not
    Impact : Sudden loss of internet access
    Platforms Affected : ZoneAlarm Free, ZoneAlarm Pro, ZoneAlarm AntiVirus,
    ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware, and ZoneAlarm Security Suite

    Recommended Actions -
    Download and install the latest versions which solve the loss of internet
    access problem here (English only):
    • ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    • ZoneAlarm Pro
    • ZoneAlarm Antivirus
    • ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware
    • ZoneAlarm Basic Firewall
    - or follow the directions below.
    Option 1: Move Internet Zone slider to Medium
    1. Navigate to the "ZoneAlarm Firewall" panel
    2. Click on the "Firewall" tab
    3. Move the "Internet Zone" slider to medium
    Option 2: Uninstall the hotfix
    1. Click the "Start Menu"
    2. Click "Control Panel", or click "Settings" then "Control Panel"
    3. Click on "Add or Remove Programs"
    4. On the top of the add/remove programs dialog box, you should see a
    checkbox that says "show updates". Select this checkbox
    5. Scroll down until you see "Security update for Windows (KB951748)"
    6. Click "Remove" to uninstall the hotfix

    Hope this helps,
    Murray A, Jul 11, 2008
  4. ashley

    Carpe Diem Guest

    I don't have zone alarm installed and it won't let me send email it wants me
    to create a profile in microsoft office outlook ?????? I have all my mail
    coming into outlook express so I have profiles set there but its not
    recognising these. so I have had to turn off the updates and roll back and
    yup my pc works fine now !!!

    Its down to this update so why wont microsoft accept responsibility and tell
    us how to delete the darn thing instead of saying its this and that ie
    passing the buck !!!

    I can't even see the thing in my list in add remove programs so totally
    Carpe Diem, Jul 11, 2008
  5. ashley

    SB40+ Guest

    Just had a rash of the same on my 2 identical laptops. One lost
    Internet connectivity, the other one did not power down correctly.
    The one with connectivity problems could be rolled back to an earlier
    date, then KB951748 was uninstalled - I also searched for the name,
    and deleted all files and folders with KB951748 in the name. Works
    like a charm so far.
    The other one could not be rolled back - it has lot's of restore
    points, but they don't work. So I just uninstalled KB951748 and it
    seems to work so far.

    SB40+, Jul 11, 2008
  6. ashley

    SB40+ Guest

    By the way - the same files with KB951748 in the names could not be
    removed from the latter laptop. I don't know why, but a prompt says
    that the media can't be read when I try. Maybe they disappeared when I
    uninstalled the update, but somehow still is visible.

    SB40+, Jul 11, 2008
  7. Doesn't sound like the same thing. Please start a new thread about your issues.

    Harry Johnston [MVP], Jul 14, 2008
  8. Install the updates one-by-one to see which (if any) is interfering with Outlook.

    Cross-posted to microsoft.public.outlook as they may be better able to assist
    with this issue.

    Harry Johnston [MVP], Jul 14, 2008
  9. If you have Office and/or Outlook installed, every Office/Outlook update you
    receive from Windows Update (or Microsoft Update or Office Update) will
    reset Outlook as the default email client. If you normally use Outlook
    Express, you'll need to go into 'Internet Options|Programs' and reset OE as
    your default. You will have to do this again every time there is an update
    to Office/Outlook applied to your PC.

    Hal Hostetler, CPBE --
    Senior Engineer/MIS -- MS MVP-Print/Imaging -- WA7BGX -- "When News breaks, we fix it!"
    KVOA Television, Tucson, AZ. NBC Channel 4
    Live at Hot Licks -
    Hal Hostetler [MVP P/I], Jul 15, 2008
  10. ashley

    ItHelpGuy Guest

    Ok i researched This pretty thoroughly and finally found what was happening
    with the

    Software Distribution Service 3.0

    1st when the Microsoft Rep said it was not a microsoft issue he was Wrong.
    This is a microsoft Software Distribution

    Im sure in many cases it is related to various microsoft products that are
    not part of the Core Automatic updates, so disabling or manually enabling
    these will do nothing.

    If you really want to find out exactly what update it is do what i did

    Go to Run and copy this


    Then click ok

    It will pull up a log of events. Now Go to Start / Accessories / System

    Click through the dates until you find the last time that Software
    Distribution Service 3.0 installed

    Now cross reference that date and exact time with the log.

    You will have to do quite a bit of scrolling.

    I found out exactly what update was causing the Software Distribution
    Service 3.0 to show up on my system restore logs.

    It was WINDOWS DEFENDER adding new definitions to the spyware protection

    It might be the same for you it might be different but its a sure fire way
    to figure out exactly whats causing the SOFTWARE DISTRIBUTION SERVICE 3.0 to
    auto update without your permission

    And about the internet explorer or other internet connection acting up.
    This is going to cause errors in bringing up pages etc because it usually
    downloads around 2 am (for defender at least) check the system restore log to
    find out what time yours is downloading. You may be able to change this in
    the advanced settings feature of Defender or whatever program is causing
    SOFTWARE DISTRIBUTION SERVICE 3.0 to run. If you happen to be on within an
    hour or 2 from when it began downloading your going to have slow or NO

    Also for the impatient people or those who randomly tried to delete or turn
    off updates, that is why you are getting an UNSTABLE Environment.

    Hope this helps everyone. Can we get a Sticky on this so everyone with the
    same question will get the CORRECT ANSWER.
    ItHelpGuy, Sep 26, 2008
  11. ItHelpGuy wrought:
    The restore points entitled Software Distribution Service 3.0 are
    created whenever an automatic update is installed so that the system can
    be rolled back to the point just before the update installed in case
    there is an issue with said update.
    There's really no great mystery as to their origin.

    The installation of updates is, by Default, at 3 AM. One can always
    change the installation setting from within Control Panel > Automatic
    Updates [WinXP/Win2K/WS2K03] or, Windows Updates [Vista/WS2008].

    Sorry, if WU|AU is set to automatically install updates than you've
    already *given* Permission for updates to install.

    One can change this behavior if desired:
    How to configure and use Automatic Updates in Windows XP

    Using Windows Update in Windows Vista

    No sticky for you ! <w>

    MowGreen [MVP 2003-2008]
    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten
    MowGreen [MVP], Sep 26, 2008
  12. <guffaw>

    MowGreen [MVP] wrote:
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Sep 26, 2008
  13. ashley

    mivan Guest

    mivan, Dec 14, 2008
  14. ashley

    mivan Guest

    I have found that it is a Microsoft distribution
    I had the same problem That software update completes after a full reboot
    and not just a restart so whatever it does is at the root level before
    windows even loads. Regardless what worked for me was I booted from my last
    Known good configuration - you get there by toggling one of your f keys at
    your initial boot screen (f8, f10 and f12 are common but it could be another
    one) After everything loaded I went to Microsoft's web site checked for
    security updates It listed that I needed to update Internet Explorer 7 so I
    did after that everything worked fine. Before every time I powered down I had
    to go to my last Known good configuration to get logged back in (otherwise my
    screen would freeze right after the xp loading screen with the blinking blue
    dashes). Updating to IE 7 fixed that.
    mivan, Dec 14, 2008
  15. ashley

    ben Guest

    Can someone please help with the Software Distribution Service 3. I have a
    sony laptop using Norton internet security. I seem to have picked up a
    similiar problem to a lot of other people. I cannot access the internet at
    all. I cannot system restore, my computer will not let me. I have tried a few
    suggestions, removing files but nothing seems to work.

    I see this problem started a while ago so i am hoping someone has a fix for

    Thanks in advance Ben
    ben, Jan 22, 2009
  16. ashley

    Freeman Guest

    Freeman, Apr 30, 2009
  17. ashley

    ron Guest

    I found this same Software Distribution Service 3.0 in my software restore
    points. I didn't knowingly download it. If it's not coming from microsoft,
    somethings making it look like it is. Any ideas how to stop it from
    ron, Jun 11, 2009
  18. ashley

    MowGreen Guest

    ALL restore points in XP that are created when updates install are named
    Software Distribution 3.0.
    What Eddie was referring to is the NAME of the update, which begin with
    KB______, not the name of the *restore point* it creates.

    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten
    MowGreen, Jun 11, 2009
  19. ashley

    Frank Guest

    Frank, Oct 27, 2009
  20. ashley

    Frank Guest

    Frank, Oct 27, 2009
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