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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Talk' started by Me, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Me

    Me Guest

    i am trying to install Dragon Naturally Speaking v. 11 on my computer. i
    had v. 10 and it crashed. i removed v 10 and when i try to install v 11 i
    get an error msg "2753 file natspeak.exe has not been marked for deletion.
    i've trioed all the install options available and they all prove the same

    does anyone have any ideas? i used regedit to search for dragon, nance,
    speak and found about 10 different entries.

    windows vista home premium

    v 6.0.6002 serv pack 2 build 6002

    regedit search shows the following entries - and a few more. i can post
    them later. i cannot find the file natspeak.exe when searching the whole
    computer includiing system and hidden files.

    any ideas? thanks




    Me, Jan 9, 2012
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