solution for the calendar problem and the error 3204 problem

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by Roland Schweiger, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. Knowing that this is a dead newsgroup, still just having read the
    postings here, now here are my experiences.

    When WLM 2012 is set up with an @live or @outlook address (with
    DeltaSync and not IMAP or POP3) running under Win7 or Win8 (32bit or
    64bit versions), some of the following conditions might appear.

    -- The mentioned eMail daddresses fail to sync with some error message
    that includes the error number 3204.

    -- The calendar fails to sync and WLM in the bottom right corner says
    "updating calendar" or in German versions "Kalender wird aktualisiert"
    or similar in other languages.

    --- "unable to synchronise calendar" or similar message.

    In almost all of these cases it seems that calendar sync is
    interrupted + the corresponding eMail address to the account fails to
    sync, while other eMail addresses with pop3 or imap still function.

    In many forums people have suggested deleting and reinstalling the
    appropriate accounts, or even deleting / reinstalling WLM --- all this
    is much work and aparantly does not solve the problem!

    The solution that in all these cases worked for me was the following

    1. Close WLM and wait wor a while (or best ...... reboot the computer
    and do not open WLM)

    2. Open the Registry Editor e.g. by clicking on Start ---> Run ---->
    regedit or tapping Win+R keys and typing regedit

    3. Navigate to the following subfolder in the registry

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live\Communications

    4. Now delete the following key (in the right window)

    5. close the registry editor and restart WLM.

    Note however that it is still dangerous to manipulate the registry and
    i recommend first to create a restore point of yozur file system +
    exporting the registry --- this can be done in the file menu of the
    regedit program.

    It seems that MS has offered a utility / fix tool that does exactly
    the same job:

    Only today a friend of mine had exactly this problem where WLM
    continuously said "updating calendar" and failed to sync to the server.

    Aparantly from what i read here, another solution is to delete the
    registry key

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

    in the right window delete the key

    Calendar UI View State

    However i have not tested this method.

    Hope this helps some people to solve their problems.

    Again ..... i do know that this is a dead newsgroup and i do know
    that currently MS treats WLM as legacy / EOL,
    but still my hoees are that somebody listens and in long term WLM will
    be continued to develop.

    In near and broad future there will still be many desktop users as all
    people who have to work and deal with everyday jobs rely on desktop
    usability and not tablets / smartphones / NUI APPs.
    So WLM still is one of the most universal solutions for handling
    eMails of all protocol types + newsgroups + feeds ---- please do not
    abandon this featurerich product!

    greetings from Vienna

    Roland Schweiger
    Roland Schweiger, Apr 2, 2014
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  2. Roland Schweiger

    ...winston Guest

    Hi Roland,
    It is a dead newsgroup but a few people might read it.

    That issue is a result of WLM'd code being frozen and later changes
    made to the backend server (last August) as evolved to
    replace the old web UI.

    MSFT acknowledged it and released the KB.

    Other more drastic avenues also resolve the issue when one is using a
    MSFT account to sign on to Live services in WLM.
    - if doing so, the calendar data is present in both locations, local
    and online. WLM can be closed and the local calendar database deleted,
    next open, MSFT account signon will sync and rebuild the local database
    and update the registry settings properly.
    -i.e. its a lot easier to just run the MSFT 'Fixit'

    While WLM's code is basically frozen, updates for compatibility (solely
    under-the-hood)with the web UI (Contacts, Calendar, Photo email to
    OneDrive etc. can be deployed with QFE fixes. Whether or not their will
    be a Windows Essentials 2014/15 is unknown...though WLM continues to
    provide a method for migrating mail from WLM on Vista and Win7 to Win8x
    and also Outlook.

    msft mvp consumer apps

    Roland Schweiger wrote, On 4/2/2014 3:48 PM:
    ...winston, Apr 3, 2014
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