Solution: HP MCE 2005 not creating usable DVD's

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by cliftexas, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. cliftexas

    cliftexas Guest

    If you are having trouble creating DVD's with MCE2005
    on an HP m1180n or similar model, try using WIN DVD
    Creator instead. Close MCE2005. You will find your TV
    Programs in the folder \Shared Documents\Recorded TV
    Programs on the Drive C:
    WIN DVD Creator is a breeze to use but you will need
    to learn it. Create the "Burn" to the hard drive 1st
    then burn to the DVD when the job is finished. Also, a 4
    hour [actually about 3 hours and some 50 minutes] burn
    will take about 4 hours on an m1180n.
    Also, check the HP site for a FIRMWARE update of Jan
    2005 for the 8x DVD recorder. It is SP26341.
    Be sure to READ and follow directions exactly and
    make sure that you have the DVD recorder that is
    described by the update!!! HP is serious about damaging
    the DVD recorder if you make a mistake!
    This is a firmware update and involves creating a CD-R
    on the m1180n, rebooting, and then following the onscreen
    prompts. It will improve results when using the DVD
    recorder. I making virtually no coasters after the
    update. When burning, try closing any programs except
    WINDVD Creator.
    Good Luck. Home PC's should be fun and not a test of
    cliftexas, Feb 7, 2005
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