Some apps no longer saving login info...

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by Howard Woodard, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. I recently had a problem with MSN Explorer that the MS techs thought might
    be caused by a corrupted user profile. They had me create a new account and
    then, using the procedure from the MS KB, copy everything over to the new
    account. It turns out that the MSN problem didn't have anything to do with
    the account profile but by this time the new account had been created,
    everything moved over and, since I didn't have room for a complete duplicate
    account, the original account deleted.

    All of my apps are installed for everyone on the computer to use and after
    the transition everything seemed to work ok on the new account. Except --
    It seems like there is always an "except" or "however" -- that I have
    discovered that some things, in particular, the application for
    example, won't save things like login passwords (it saves the user id, just
    not the password), return addresses, etc. that it was saving under the
    original account.

    I called the tech support folks who, after trying a few things
    that did not work, suggested that I create a new user account and try
    installing the app there. Since this is where things started going wrong in
    the first place I'm reticent to do that.

    Does anyone know why an app might no longer be able to save login fields?
    Even MSN Explorer will occasionally ask me for my Windows Live password even
    though I am currently logged in and have only minimized the app.

    Thanks in advance for whatever help and suggestions you might offer.

    Howard Woodard, Jul 22, 2009
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