Some MAJOR backups flaws

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by audio, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. audio

    audio Guest

    I just download RC1 and checked out the new backups and found some surprising
    problems that haven't been addressed as far as I know.
    The biggest and most surprising to me is that encrypted files don’t get
    backed up. And there is no warning of this. So if you encrypt a folder the
    files just get skipped. This is NOT GOOD. As people will think files are
    getting backed up when they are not.
    With the new “ZIP†type format MS is using although nice is some ways,
    doesn’t seem like it could keep the EFS files encrypted, which is why they
    probably skip them. This is a huge flaw! I think vista needs the old ntbackup
    put back in for power users.
    Another thing is you can’t specify the paths you want to backup anymore, you
    just get these vague file types, our company partitions all our drive to C
    and D and all user data is on D. There doesn’t seem to be away to point the
    new backups at the drives and paths we want. What I would like to see is the
    NTbackup put back in, for those who know how to use it and already use it in
    XP. The new system is nice for the very dumb, but not for the power user. And
    the EFS thing needs to be addressed.
    One more non backup related thing, I used to be able the change the location
    of the “My Documents†to D:\ which is where we put all user data… by right
    clicking and changing the path.. Can’t seem to find that in Visa. Anyone know
    where I can find that?

    audio, Sep 9, 2006
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