Discussion in 'Windows Vista Hardware' started by Jnorge, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Jnorge

    Jnorge Guest

    Again I am here for trying to decide problem with my "Dell OptiPlex 745 Ultra
    Small Form Factor *Vista System". I will go to display the situation again:

    The point is, I have bought a new "DVD+RW/CDRW Dell Internal Combo Drive
    GX620" through eBay (eBay item number #220128391831) for my *NEW Dell
    OptiPlex 745 Ultra Small Form Factor Vista System. After I to receive this I
    only plug drive on the desktop and Windows Vista installed automatically a
    software. The problem is I simply doesn´t get to have access to the drive and
    this doesn´t shown in my system. I already placed some CD's and DVD´s but
    nothing happened.
    I was guided for check (thanks Freddy!) some steps as below:

    1) The Device Manager for sees some problem with the drive or it shows is
    working properly.

    - My reply: I cannot see this since that drive doesn´t show in the Device

    2) The CD/DVD area in Control Panel to select those options you need to
    obtain the behavior you expect when you insert a disk into the drive.

    - My reply: I cannot see this since that the CD/DVD area does not show in
    the Control Panel

    3) If you see no DVD/CD-ROM drives, then it is not installed. Now you must
    review the installation to confirm that you installed the drive properly. You
    must check that you connected the cables exactly as the installation
    instructions specified.

    - My reply: Well, since that I see no DVD/CD-ROM drives in my system I think
    that this is maybe not installed or I have that to make able some function.
    Anyway, DVD+RW "LED" drive work and as I bought my unit as New & Sealed box I
    think that the cable is connected.

    4) About DVD+RW Internal Combo Drive GX620 compatibility eBay Salesman sent
    me replay below:

    (a)The unit above is compatible with the DELL Optiplex 745 Ultra Small Form
    Factor, Yes?
    (b)It fits in the slot for the optical drive, Yes?
    (c)It is similar to the original drive you took out, Yes?
    (d) We cannot be responsible for software issues. Although we state that we
    do not help with technical issues, we try our best to help you.

    Jnorge, Jul 27, 2007
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  2. Ensure that the jumper is set the same as the drive you have removed..


    Mike Hall
    MS MVP Windows Shell/User
    Mike Hall - MVP, Jul 27, 2007
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  3. Jnorge

    dean-dean Guest

    After I to receive this I
    I'm not clear here. Are you trying to connect the DVD player to your Dell
    laptop or another computer? In other words are you connecting it one
    computer, and then another? Did it ever work (on either)? I may be
    reading this all wrong...

    If you connected it solely to you laptop, and disconnected it, perhaps this
    applies to your situation:

    After you use the Safely Remove Hardware option to remove a built-in optical
    drive from a portable Windows Vista-based computer, you may be unable to
    reconnect the drive.

    If the above link's article describes your situation, click on the link to
    contact Microsoft, and they will email you a link to download the Hotfix.
    dean-dean, Jul 28, 2007
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