Sorry its not a window 2003 server .. its NT 4.0 sever!!!

Discussion in 'Scripting' started by chaos_ali, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. chaos_ali

    chaos_ali Guest

    Sorry its not a window 2003 server .. its NT 4.0 sever!!!
    chaos_ali, Oct 6, 2005
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  2. chaos_ali

    SubnetJO Guest

    The command ATTRIB should work on NT 4.0, and in DOS, too!!


    "chaos_ali" ha scritto:
    SubnetJO, Oct 6, 2005
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  3. chaos_ali

    chaos_ali Guest

    It does'nt work .... with the Attrib coomand.... i am managing the
    share.. through "MMC Console"...

    Can someone please help!!!!!!
    chaos_ali, Oct 6, 2005
  4. chaos_ali

    SubnetJO Guest

    Can't you map the share yourself, with administrative privileges, and do the
    job with the attrib comand?


    "chaos_ali" ha scritto:
    SubnetJO, Oct 6, 2005
  5. chaos_ali

    chaos_ali Guest

    Hi ,
    Do u mean tools--> map network drive or is their a way in DOS u can map
    this drive and run the attrib command u told me....

    Because if do it now it saya "File not found".

    the folder path is \\srvmun-fs03\essg

    Can u tell me the command plzz

    Thanks in advance!!
    chaos_ali, Oct 6, 2005
  6. chaos_ali

    SubnetJO Guest

    Well, the UNC path your clients are using is: "\\srvmun-fs03\essg"

    Of course, if you cannot map to the same UNC path, you are in a different
    "network condition", and perhaps tou cannot resolve the name.
    If you know the IP address of the server, try "\\<IP address>\essg" or, if
    the server name maybe reslved from a DNS, try using the FQDN, for example

    If you are still running NT 4.0 server, I can think you still have a
    wins-dependent microsoft network.
    Check you wins client configuration (if the wins server you use are the same
    of your clients).
    Try to check if the service "TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper" is running on your
    computer. It may help (depending on network conditions).
    It should be possible you have to configure youe LMHOSTS file on your

    However, always try a ping to the server.
    If you have a reply, and that service is running, in many cases (not all)
    the map works.

    For mapping a network share from the command line you have to use the "net
    use" command.
    Choose a "not in use" drive letter on your PC. For example the "R" letter.
    In a command window write this command:

    net use R: \\<IP address>\essg

    If the credentials of the logged on user (you!) aren't able to map the
    share, you wil be prompted for username and password.
    If you want to specify the alternate credentials directly in the command,
    you may write:
    net use R: \\<IP address>\essg /user:<username> <password>

    Thinking that the UNC path you wrote me works for you, you may write a small
    "CMD" file, named "NOReadOnly.CMD", for example.

    @echo off
    net use R: \\<IP address>\essg
    ATTRIB -R R:\ /S /D
    echo Execution Terminated.
    echo Press any key to end...


    "chaos_ali" ha scritto:
    SubnetJO, Oct 6, 2005
  7. chaos_ali

    chaos_ali Guest

    Hi ,
    The problem is not the mapping .. i 'll explain as to what the setup is
    ... i use a windows xp system with admin pack and i have all the access to
    most of the severs .
    Now we have windows servers and some NT servers .. with Nt servers the
    problem is that we dont have permisons to do a remote desktop and we cant
    even use pc anywhere.

    So i have to manage all the shares on this sever from "mmc" snap in.. ie
    granting permisions etc etc.

    Now the issue is that all of a sudden a share as gone into read only mode
    and i want to undo it.. i cannot use ur attrib command coz it says "file not
    found" obviously coz i am not connected to the server .

    I hope u have a better idea as to what my problem is now . and maybe u can
    help me out...
    I want to undo this read -only thing
    chaos_ali, Oct 6, 2005
  8. chaos_ali

    SubnetJO Guest

    Some questions:
    1) Do you have administrative rights on the NT server? (I didn't understand)
    2) Do you have connectivity with the NT server?
    3) Do you have phisycal access to the server?

    In case the answer to the first two questions is "yes", to set the read-only
    attribute, you can do as I sayd.

    To have a remote console you can use a (not freeware!) product like VMWare.
    This product allows you to remotely install the server portion on a target
    Installing the the product on your PC is the only thing you need!

    If you don't want a "pay solution", you can use the well-known VNC, but you
    have to work a little.
    First of all, try to arrange an "unattended setup" of VNC.
    Then copy all files on the NT4 server (you can, if the answer at the first 2
    questions is "yes").
    Then remotely start the unattended setup process on the NT4 machine.
    To do this last step, you have two choices.
    If the NT4 server has WSH and WMI installed, you can use a script using the
    win32_process class.
    If not, you can use the "psexec.exe" tool.
    This tool is freeware from the "best of all" about Microsoft platforms... is
    a command-line tool among the famous suite named "PStools".
    You can download the PStools (less than 600K!) from the well-known site

    If the answer at one of the first two questions is "no", then you do need
    phisycal access to the machine.
    In case you do not have connectivity, you can access to fix this problem
    (supposing you do not suffer network troubles or misconfigurations).

    In case you do not have administrative privileges on the machine, you can
    access the NT4 machine and then "crack" the admnistrator password.
    Cracking an NT4 password is as easy as to reboot the computer (also Win2000
    and WinXP).
    Prepare a "magic" boot floppy. Restart the computer, boot from the floppy
    and then answer the questions:
    "I found this users, of which user you want to crack the password?"
    "What is the new password you want to use"?
    Restart the computer and then boot you NT from your HD and... access the
    system... ;-)

    I don't see other cases that can stop you to accomplish your task.

    Have a good work!

    "chaos_ali" ha scritto:
    SubnetJO, Oct 6, 2005
  9. You should use Windows Explorer and Windows FileMananger (Winfile.exe) for
    these tasks on NT4.

    Most probably the folder is marked as 'Read only' (the 'R' attribute, not the
    'Read and execute' NTFS-permissions.
    Corné Bogaarts, Oct 6, 2005
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