Sounds stupid, but - Mouse double click sensitivity of the chart!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Imageman, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Imageman

    Imageman Guest

    Vista Ultimate 64 / Logitech MX1000 wireless mouse

    I've been using this setup for almost a year, never a problem. Double click
    has basically turned into single click. For instance, just touching a jpg
    image on the desktop will start the opening process also causes unwanted
    menu opening. I have uninstalled the Logitech Setpoint software, and the
    mouse double click setting in the Control Panel is set to slow. Made no
    difference. It is almost like the mouse has been set to single click. If
    there is there a setting for 'single click' somewhere? I don't see one -
    Help appreciate, IM
    Imageman, Nov 26, 2007
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  2. Have you updated the SetPoint software?
    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin], Nov 26, 2007
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  3. Imageman

    Imageman Guest

    Yes, after the problems started, to the x64 version.
    Imageman, Nov 26, 2007
  4. Imageman

    gls858 Guest

    Not sure where it's at in Vista but on XP in Explorer under Tools >
    Folder Options there's a setting for single click. I assume Vista
    has it hidden somewhere.

    gls858, Nov 26, 2007
  5. In Vista Home premium.
    Open 'computer'
    Folder Options
    General Tab
    click items as follows area, has selection for single or double click
    Michael Walraven, Nov 26, 2007
  6. Imageman

    DanS Guest

    Doesn't 'Single-Click to Open' also mean that the cursor is in hot-tracking
    mode as well ? (Maybe not.)

    If your not set to single-click, try another mouse.

    My current mouse sometimes dbl-clicks on me just clicking. It depends on
    where my finger is located on the button when clicked.
    DanS, Nov 26, 2007
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