SP2 - advice for many symptons including 0x800A0046

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by mfhau, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. mfhau

    mfhau Guest

    I sent this to Microsoft today:

    In reply to Microsofts advice to me re my detailed desription of problem:

    Unfortunately none of those things fixes the problem

    Let me explain what does and I suggest because of the confusion in
    ascertaining the problem Microsoft specifically address this.

    This attribute never existed on XP PCs in SP1 so it doesn’t mean a thing to
    me and many other people.

    It is all to do with the Impersonate a client after authentication policy in
    User Rights Assignment in Local Security Policy. It appears Administrator and
    Service need to be added to the GPO NOT the local PC as this is greyed out.
    Microsoft (if you find the advice and it’s not in a KB article - simply a
    popup!) tell you to update the local policy on the PC which for this one
    which you can’t do in a Domain. You have to update the Group Policy.

    When SP2 is first installed everything works Ok because the installation
    updated the Local Security Policy however in a Domain this is part of the
    Global Security Policy which in due course gets over written and it appears
    after a period time and possibly a reboot all the problems arise – this may
    take over 24 hours. So of course you think you have it beat but next is
    Goundhog Day!!!

    Frustration sets in about now

    Let me list some of the problems that wasted a week of my time – these are
    all resolved by this fix:

    - Word fails to work as the editor in Outlook - getting frazzled

    - Excel says that the Mail Server has failed when trying to email - stumped

    - Blackberry Desktop fails to start - what the ....

    - The Office Detect and Repair fails to work because it says the Microsoft
    Installer is not properly installed ... you're kidding

    - You cannot install or remove any programs - that sort of follows but why?

    - Reregistering Windows Installer works but has no effect - wasted 2 hours
    here exhausting threads on google

    - Constant explorer errors and the Dr Watson dumps that fail but freeze the
    PC for about 2 mins - starting to tear my hair out

    - Trying to manually start COM+ Sytem Application service causes a 1067
    error (I was going up this dry gully trying to fix one of these other
    problems) - took me ages to get here

    - And of course Windows Update doesn’t get to the site because of the
    0x800A0046 error - oh for f*** sake

    Now any sane human being presented with these errors wouldn't know where to

    Microsoft needs to understand that this is a diabolical situation and if you
    scan the microsoft communities and the private newsgroups and other forums
    you will find these errors and no real resolution in most cases.

    I think what happens for users in a domain is the Sys Admin eventually finds
    the problem – which is straight forward once you understand – and it gets
    rectified and the problem goes away. A lot of people wouldn't even know.

    The company that supports our operation are IT/Microsoft Pros – they were
    flabbergasted by the solution. Remember this particular attribute didn’t
    exist in XP until SP2.

    I have read the Microsoft Solutions for Security – Supporting the Windows XP
    Security Guide August 2004 – and Appendix A concerning SP2 – there is nothing
    about this, in fact there is nothing about specifically updating GPO for SP2
    for this situation anywhere.

    In my case usually unless there is a specific written instruction regarding
    GPO I won’t do it – Microsoft has nothing about this anywhere that is obvious.

    I hope this helps other frustrated Microsoft users

    mfhau, Sep 14, 2004
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