sp2 download fails to install

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by john tummolo, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. john tummolo

    john tummolo Guest

    i keep getting an error code 80070005 as the reason the
    install fails. i start with 1.57gb of free disk space on
    my d: drive (system drive). does anyone know what this
    error code means?

    I have also noticed the following:
    1. the install is unable to pre-determine disk space
    required. tried installing it several times when
    getting "out of disk space" errors. i was forced to
    delete many installed programs to make room.
    2. when install fails it gobbles up used disk space ...
    in other words, when it fails it doesn't clean up its
    transient work files. my 1.57gb of space was reduced to
    3. this install program seems unable to utilize disk
    space existing across an array of physical disk drives.
    so, although my c:\ has 2gb free, it fails to utilize it
    even for transient work files.
    4. i was forced to even delete transient pre-sp2 patches
    tp make more space. sp2 claims to supply "all patches"
    so i figured sp2 would include these removed itemized
    patches. however, the update program insisted i re-
    install these transient patches before loading sp2 and I
    again ran out of disk space. so I was forced to delete
    other applications. I thought computers were intended
    to "make our lives easier." my life is now harder at the
    hands of dumb , yet "certified", programmers.
    5. lastly, the cause of the failure is 80070005.
    wouldn't be nice if MS updated its search system to
    reflect all possible error codes? a search for 80070005
    error code resulted in 7 hits, none related to sp2

    folks... anyone out there with a brain who DOES NOT work
    at MS? Apparently, they're very busy saving human
    resource costs hiring cheap / dumb "go path"
    programmers. it's a disgrace. bill gates ought to be
    ashamed of profiting off of this rubbish.

    hey bill... need a "whole cloth" developer? just make
    the call. isn't it time you instituted quality control
    at MS? it's hard to believe people actully
    seek "certified" MS professionals. what is it you are
    exactly certifying? dysfunctional logic implemented by
    dysfunctional programmers? i'd like to know.

    by the way, "billionaire", my "BUG LIST" above is on me.
    another FREEBIE. nice racket you're running.

    Please, don't hestitate to call when quality begins to
    mean something to you.

    John Tummolo
    561 852-3691
    john tummolo, Sep 1, 2004
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  2. Kaylene aka Taurarian, Sep 2, 2004
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  3. Hi

    This one might be relevant:

    Updates from the Windows Update Web site are not installed and an
    "Error 0x80070005: Access is denied" error message is logged to the
    Windows Update.log file

    Note that other registry keys than the one mentioned in the article
    above also can have permission issues. More about this under the
    "Access denied" section here:

    Torgeir Bakken \(MVP\), Sep 2, 2004
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