SP2 - Mediaplayer problem...

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Andrew, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Okay, I finally upgraded to SP2, I applied all the patches/updates that HP
    stated were required and that Microsoft said were required. The upgrade
    seemed to go fine, no errors, came to the restart point, restarted the
    computer. On restart the only thing that I find that doesn't work is the 'My
    Music' part of media center. I have searched this group and have double
    checked the hp registry update was applied. Is there any solution to this?

    I am on the list to get 2005 from HP, should I just wait for that? Also, I
    currently have 512 ram and am planning to upgrade it and what would be the
    best (reasonably priced) video card for 2005 that will give me HD and a
    better PQ. My hope is to use the 873 to play movies, pictures, music to a
    soon to be purchased HD DLP tv.


    Andy H
    HP 873n
    Andrew, Nov 10, 2004
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