SP4 over top of other critical updates

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Jensen, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Jensen

    Jensen Guest

    I have a server running Windows 2000 with Service Pack
    2. I ran Windows Update and installed all of the
    critical updates except Service Pack 4. Initially, I was
    concerned about a specific application, running on the
    server, being compatible with Service Pack 4 and I hadn't
    heard back from the vendor at the time, as to whether it
    was okay to proceed with SP4 install. Now, several weeks
    later, the vendor has said it's okay to install SP4.

    Does anyone know if there will be any problem installing
    SP4 after I've already installed all those Hotfixes that
    in add/remove programs show up as being Hotfix (Pre-SP4)
    and Hotfix (SP4). As you can imagine, there are quite a
    number of them... ;0)

    Jensen, Sep 3, 2003
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