split video file into scenes

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    split video file into scenes

    Sometimes there is a need to cut out scenes from video. For such purposes we usually use video editors that have an ability to specify start and end point, and using these data to create video. How to get it automatically?

    Of course, in general case, when wanting to cut out some part from video, it needs to set start and end point, but it can’t be done automatically. However any video file consists of sequence of scenes, every of which has fixed length. For example, it could be changing of shooting angle or some action etc. So, is it possible to split video file into such scenes?
    VideoCharge program enables to split video file into scenes based on analyzing of motion vector, and to make video from every such scene.

    How to implement that?
    It’s very simple: set parameter Mode=Multiply on Output tab - what means creating few files. Select use Split parameter and select split type – by Scene. Next, you can specify format in which you want to save video, folder and name for created files. Then, add file you want to split and click RUN.
    ddn85602, Sep 17, 2010
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