Spooler SubSystem problems reinstalling Lexmark

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Printing / Faxing / Scanning' started by MrsManolo, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. MrsManolo

    MrsManolo Guest

    Please help! I have spent so much time on this problem already. I had
    installed Lexmark all-in-one X5260 and an old Epson printer on my Vista
    Business Sony Vaio since early 2008 without problem. When I removed the old
    Epson printer yesterday from my computer, I did not do it completely and
    there was still a test page in the Epson spooler. I replugged in the Epson
    printer and deleted them. Since then printing with Lexmark, uninstalling,
    re-installing have all not worked or been aborted. Sometimes without any
    response. When trying to print a doc the spooler symbol appears in the lower
    right but is not openable and says there are 0 docs. When trying to print a
    test page it goes immediately to an error message saying the test page did
    not print and was deleted from the print queue. Sometimes the installation
    process generates a Spooler SubSystem App Closed error message. The full
    error details are given below at the bottom of this post.
    I did a system restore to the day before I removed the Epson printer and
    made sure there was nothing in the spooler before removing it. However I
    still cannot get the Lexmark to function.
    I uninstalled Lexmark and followed the advice from the other posts
    especially Spooler SubSystem App with Alan Morris and Eddie. I followed the
    instructions recommended in
    However I was unable to do the "net stop spooler" and "net start spooler"
    commands in the procedure, I got a response, "System error 5 has occurred.
    Access is denied." At the command prompt I was not at the root directory, I
    was at c:\Users\vaio. Also I am the only user of my laptop and have the
    printer in a USB port, not networked.
    I presumed I had no printer drivers or spoolers left.
    I then installed the Lexmark using the Series 5200 CD. First it stopped at
    the 2nd phase of "transferring software". I rebooted and started the
    installation again. This time it stopped responding at the "transferring
    software" stage. Rebooted and tried installation. This time, after a long
    time, it finally progressed to the third phase of "installing software", but
    before the final phase of "detecting your printer" I got the Spooler
    SubSystem App closed error message. The Lexmark now shows up in my printers
    and appears to sense the ink levels and that it is plugged in USB port 1. But
    no printing.
    This Lexmark series doesn't support Vista and they don't even show X5260 on
    their website, just X5250 and X5270, although they don't provide Vista
    software for these either.
    Any help would be deeply appreciated. Reading through other posts like
    Perrylea's "How I fixed my Vista Print Spooler problems" makes me despair
    that it's really complicated.
    -Mrs Manolo

    (Details of Spooler SubSystem App error message)
    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name:
    Application Name:
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp:
    Fault Module Name:
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp:
    Exception Code:
    Exception Offset:
    OS Version:
    Locale ID:
    Additional Information 1:
    Additional Information 2:
    Additional Information 3:
    Additional Information 4:
    (End of error message)
    MrsManolo, Feb 8, 2009
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  2. MrsManolo

    Clark Guest

    You have done a system restart during this process?

    Drivers normally come from where you got the printer, so if you bought
    it from Dell, check there. If the drives should come from Lexmark and
    they don't show any Vista drivers, you may need to use the Vista drivers
    if there are any. I found one thread that says Lexmark advised using
    the X5250 drivers. I did not check for any other countries beside the US.


    If those drivers work, great, otherwise.

    I would probably try uninstalling the printer-if it won't uninstall, try
    it in safe mode.

    Reboot and plug in the USB cable. Does Vista say it is installing a
    driver? If that doesn't work, go to the install printers dialogue and
    follow it through and see if Vista has a driver for the printer.

    Clark, Feb 9, 2009
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