still cwindowssystem32mswsockdll,then dial up disconnects and reco

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by sam, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. sam

    sam Guest

    windows defender pop up while connected to internet by dial up reads; system
    change by known application,change type; application
    execution,cwindowssystem32mswsockdll,i get disconnected and then reconnected.

    I just ran windows update on a lot of files all successful before this
    happend, it happens when i am connected to the internet ,i use dial up

    adding 11/25/09 still having the above mentioned problem, could it be that
    two windows explorer are runnibg on the system,or two ie browsers running?

    adding11/27/09 I followed kb/936213 up and through th fix it tool,still get
    the deender pop upand disconnected nd sometimes reconnected
    automatically,somtimes get cant display page. still doing this i tried sys
    restore but a unkown error occors and it does not restore thanks for anyhelp
    sam adding 11/30/09
    sam, Nov 30, 2009
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