Stop from loading - 'Blocked Startup Programs'

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by Hemanth, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Hemanth

    Hemanth Guest


    How do I stop 'Blocked Startup Programs' from loading during boot-up, on
    Vista Basic?

    Hemanth, Nov 18, 2007
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  2. Hemanth

    This is a fairly simple procedure.

    Press the WINKEY+R to bring up the Run dialog.
    Type msconfig and press OK.
    In the configuration utility, click the Start Up Tab.
    Identify which programs you do not want to start at boot.
    Remove the check mark from these programs.
    Click Apply/OK.
    Reboot the computer.
    Ronnie Vernon MVP, Nov 18, 2007
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  3. Hemanth

    Hemanth Guest


    I have tried doing it before!

    I only see three microsoft components being loaded as given on the startup

    They are
    1>Windows Defender
    3>Windows Media Player (WMPNSCFG)

    Now where is the 'blocked startup programs' ?

    Hemanth, Nov 18, 2007
  4. The offending Microsoft program which is blocking your programs is
    Windows "Defender?".

    I personally turn all Microsoft security tools OFF each time I install
    Vista fresh.

    Windows "Defender" should be named "USER STOPPER", since it definitely
    blocks more than it "defends".

    Hell, I can accomplish the same thing by turning my machine off and
    never using it again.

    To turn off Windows Defender, one must do MUCH more than disable it
    using msconfig.exe. To completely STOP it, you must configure the
    Windows Defender Service to be "Manual", then turn it completely OFF,
    and DON'T allow it to get turned back on again.

    Additionally, DON'T use products which use it, EVER, or it will STILL
    activate, contrary to user settings.

    Here's what I do:
    1) Open Windows Defender from Control Panel.
    2) Open its Options menu.
    3) Starting from the BOTTOM of the settings Dialog, uncheck EVERY
    4) Finally, set WD to NOT be used. PERIOD.
    5) Open Windows Services.
    6) Find the Windows Defender Service.
    7) Change its startup type to "Manual"
    8) Turn it OFF.

    Then, use any third-party tools you desire, rather than WD, to keep
    your installation free from malware from that moment on. NO

    Microsoft should have let third-parties handle Windows security,
    rather than writing their own. Let's face it, they do not know
    ANYTHING about security, apparently. Their OS has NEVER been secure
    and never will be secure, as long as Microsoft is handling the
    security matters.

    Instead of really writing secure code from the get-go, they chose to
    be stupid, and handle their security by shutting OUT any third-parties
    and by keeping Users from running code Microsoft doesn't approve of.

    Microsoft, PLEASE leave the matter of Windows security to companies
    which SPECIALIZE in writing security tools, and STOP making OUR jobs
    harder by shutting out the programs WE use every day.

    Turn off UAC.
    Turn off and DISABLE Windows Defender.
    Install decent third-party security tools.

    Then get on with your life, Hamanth.

    Donald L McDaniel
    Donald L McDaniel, Nov 18, 2007
  5. Hemanth

    Which program is being blocked when ytou start the computer? You are seeing
    the blocked startup programs when you boot because a program that requires
    administrator privileges is in one of the stsrt up locations, such as the
    Start Up folder or a run key in the registry.

    Whatever program this is isn't compatible with Vista. You have a couple of
    choices that will not compromise security.

    1. You can remove the program from the start up location and just start it
    manually and give it the required permission, after the system boots.

    2. You can use the Task Scheduler to create a task that starts the program
    at boot, with highest privileges.

    Jimmy Brush has created a utility that will automatically create the
    scheduled task for a program that is being blocked at start up. You can get
    a description and download the program here:

    How do I run an administrative program (that needs my permission to start)
    every time I log in and prevent the "Windows has blocked some startup
    programs" message?:
    Ronnie Vernon MVP, Nov 18, 2007
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