Stop these Vista alerts?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by Michelle, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. Michelle

    Michelle Guest

    I may choose not to do this full time... but how do I disable the security
    alerts that Vista displays when I start programs or change settings?


    Michelle, Jan 28, 2008
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  2. Michelle

    Frank Guest

    Control panel/security center...left side...change the way security
    center alerts me.
    Frank, Jan 28, 2008
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  3. Michelle

    GT4U Guest

    I beleive you are asking how to turn off the uac control popup etc if so go
    to control panel>double click user accounts and there you will be able to
    turn uac on and off after you disable it will ask you to reboot. And the same
    applies if you wish to turn on again.
    Hope this helps let me know.

    GT4U, Jan 28, 2008
  4. Are you talking about UAC prompts? If so, upgrade to Vista-compatible

    You did check your software for Vista compatibility before upgrading, didn't

    Steve Thackery, Jan 28, 2008
  5. Michelle

    Robinb Guest

    be very careful when turning off UAC
    A lot of programs will not install correctly if you turn this function off.
    You might find you will get error msgs when a program starts up.
    Many programs are built for Vista with the UAC coded into it so it will load

    If you decide to turn it off you can use TweakUAC.
    This turns off the UAC and will also put it in silent mode for the limited
    user so the admin user will not see those alerts but the limited user will
    still see them.
    But before when installing a new program you need to go back to the program
    and turn on UAC then reboot.
    Then you can install the program.

    Robinb, Jan 28, 2008
  6. Michelle

    Lou Guest

    Where did you get the information that prior to installing a new program you
    need to use TweakUAC to turn UAC on and reboot?

    Lou, Jan 28, 2008
  7. Michelle

    Robinb Guest

    no, I did not say that
    I said if you "use" TweakUAC to put the UAC in silent mode you "can" use
    TweakUAC to put back the UAC.
    Using this tool is a bit easier than going into Control Panel and finding
    where to put it back on.

    There is no law that says you need to only use this tool. This utility is
    just easier to use than going into the Control Panel and turning off or on
    the UAC

    Robinb, Jan 28, 2008
  8. Michelle

    Robinb Guest

    and because i test software for companies on Vista I found that with the UAC
    off, a lot of sofware doesn't load properly without the UAC on.
    If you have it off and then turn it on- regardless if you use TweakUAC or
    manually turn it off- when you turn it on you should reboot to clear out the
    memory so you do not run into any problems.

    Robinb, Jan 28, 2008
  9. I have yey to ever encounter this problem. Turning UAC of is a matter of habit
    for the past 8 months on every VISTA PC I encounter... there have been NO
    negative responses what-so-ever.
    David Morgan \(MAMS\), Jan 28, 2008
  10. Michelle

    Mark Guest

    I have not had a problem installing with UAC on, or off...
    It's when I change state after installation that causes the problems. Some
    programs, when installed, seem to remember UAC settings and information from
    the installation process, then cause trouble if UAC doesn't match
    installation settings when run.

    Turn off UAC.
    Install Word with UAC turned off.
    Run Word.
    Now, turn UAC on, then reboot.
    Now, try Word again.

    Same with Flash Player, Real Player, some AVs, etc. It's problematic if
    you are going back and forth.

    Best solution:
    Choose whether you want it on or not and leave it.
    Mark, Jan 28, 2008
  11. Michelle

    Bob Guest

    Bob, Jan 29, 2008
  12. Michelle

    SG Guest

    I have not had a problem installing with UAC on, or off...<<<

    Try installing ProSeries 2008 with UAC off :<(
    All kinds of unexplained error messages, turn UAC on and it will install
    without a hitch.
    BTW, this is not your average user software that everyone must have, $4,099
    but none the less with UAC off it can and WILL cause you unexplained errors
    at some point down the road.
    SG, Jan 29, 2008
  13. David Morgan \(MAMS\), Jan 29, 2008

  14. Now who could possibly imagine an IRS tax program wanting special access
    to Internet and to the OS?
    David Morgan \(MAMS\), Jan 29, 2008
  15. Michelle

    Bob Guest

    You're welcome. It has certainly made my Vista experience more pleasant.
    Bob, Jan 29, 2008
  16. Michelle

    Robinb Guest

    as i said, it depends on the product you are installing, so why take the
    chance, just keep it on until you install a program then you can always take
    it off again.
    I just use it as a rule of thumb because you do not know which program is
    going to have a problem.
    I installed Greeting Cards Factory Premier 7 for a client with UAC off
    Well it installed just fine until I tried to open it.
    Once opening it came up with all kinds of error msgs.

    Uninstalled it- rebooted
    I put UAC back on
    reinstalled the software and now it purrs like a kitten
    That is why i install with UAC on because I really do not know what is going
    to heppen.
    Why go through torture once it installs and find out the reason for it was
    turning UAC off.

    After I installed it again I called Tech support for this software and the
    tech told me UAC has to be on because they code it for UAC. No where in the
    manual does it say this and the average user would have no idea what was
    going on.
    Robinb, Jan 29, 2008
  17. Please do consider it. You end up turning off IE protected mode when
    you disable UAC.
    Susan Bradley, CPA aka Ebitz - SBS Rocks [MVP], Jan 30, 2008
  18. ProSystems is not a IRS program. It's a LOB industry app.
    Susan Bradley, CPA aka Ebitz - SBS Rocks [MVP], Jan 30, 2008

  19. Protected from what, please ??
    David Morgan \(MAMS\), Jan 31, 2008
  20. David Morgan \(MAMS\), Jan 31, 2008
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