Stop Vista remembering previous file names [Image attached]

Discussion in 'Windows Vista File Management' started by INeedHelp1, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. INeedHelp1

    INeedHelp1 Guest


    I hope there is a quick solution to this and I have the same proble
    with vista remembering previous save locations.

    Thanks in advance :
    INeedHelp1, Dec 28, 2009
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  2. INeedHelp1

    Retroman Guest

    This is a feature of individual applications, not of Vista. Many
    applications store a "recent file" list in the Windows registry and
    display those file names in their file dialogs.

    You cannot prevent applications from doing this in Vista or in XP. You
    can hunt down the registry entries for those applications and delete the
    lists, but this is pointless since the applications will continue to
    create new entries.

    Doug M. in NJ
    Retroman, Dec 29, 2009
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  3. INeedHelp1

    Guest Guest

    In future try typing your question.


    Data type Range Default value
    REG_DWORD 0 | 1 0

    Removes the list of most recently used files from the standard Open dialog

    This entry stores the setting of the Hide the dropdown list of recent files
    Group Policy. Group Policy adds this entry to the registry with a value of 1
    when you enable the Hide the dropdown list of recent files policy. If you
    disable the policy or set it to Not configured, Group Policy deletes the
    entry from the registry and the system behaves as though the value is 0.

    Value Meaning
    0 The policy is disabled or not configured. The File name field includes a
    dropdown list of recently used files.
    1 The policy is enabled. The File name field is a simple text box. Users
    must browse directories to find a file or type a file name in the text box.

    This entry, and related entries in this subkey, lets you remove new features
    added in Windows 2000, so that the Open dialog box looks like it did in
    Windows NT 4.0 and earlier. These entries only affect programs that use the
    standard Open dialog box provided to developers of Windows programs.

    Change method
    To change the value of this entry, use Group Policy. This entry corresponds
    to the Hide the dropdown list of recent files policy (User
    Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows
    Explorer\Common Open File Dialog).


    To see an example of the standard Open dialog box, run Notepad and, from the
    File menu, click Open.

    For detailed information about particular Group Policy settings, see the
    Group Policy Reference (Gp.chm) on the Windows 2000 Resource Kit companion

    For general information about Group Policy, see Group Policy in Windows 2000

    To see a table associating policies with their corresponding registry
    entries, see the Group Policy Reference Table.

    Related Entries


    Guest, Dec 30, 2009
  4. INeedHelp1

    INeedHelp1 Guest

    Thanks for the help :
    INeedHelp1, Dec 30, 2009
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