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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by MichaelBN, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. MichaelBN

    MichaelBN Guest

    By now it should be obvious that, under the Vista operating system, I have
    Home Premium, there is a severe overall, general "has stopped working"

    Thus far I've experienced:
    "Internet Explorer has stopped working"
    "Windows Explorer has stopped working"
    "Word has stopped working"
    "Sherlock Holmes Nemesis (Adventure Company) has stopped working"
    "Outlook has stopped working"
    "Acid 4.0 (Sony) has stopped working"
    "Acid 6.0 (Sony) has stopped working"
    "Sound Forge (Sony) has stopped working"

    Is it not obvious by now that Vista has a problem, maybe a compatability
    problem, with everything from Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word to third
    party programs which cause programs, as I mentioned, even programs made by
    Microsoft, to "stop working"?

    Is there no an overall "stopped working" patch or something that Microsoft
    has released by now?

    Could it possibly be that Vista's OK, but every program that runs within its
    system has suddenly gone bad, even those produced by Microsoft?

    In looking through the forum, I see other users asking about certain
    individual programs and applications that have "stopped working".

    When I asked specifically about Word, I was told that there are probably
    Word "temp" files on my computer that I needed to find and delete. However,
    I purchased a brand new Gateway laptop and within a few days, Word stopped

    Are there Sony Acid temp files or Sherlock Holmes game temp files that my
    wife or I have to find and delete?

    I submit that there's a, and here's my non technical side coming out,
    "glitch", for lack of a better non techie term, in Vista the operating system
    that, if discovered and fixed via an update or a patch would be a general fix
    for the very general "stopped working" problem.

    When one is working under a deadline or one's work is time sensitive, one
    can not be fighting programs which stop and start working over and over
    again. And coming here and asking about every other program which "stops
    working" is extremely time consuming and can be even expensive.

    Please tell me that you've solved this problem, in general.

    Thanks in advance.

    Michael Bonanno
    MichaelBN, Jul 6, 2008
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  2. MichaelBN

    Charlie Tame Guest

    Yesterday I decided to reinstall Vista on a machine it has been on
    before due to a hard drive failure, so in goes a 500GB Seagate and off
    we go. About an hour into this, and having ready the "Time is Precious"
    thing a couple of times I go to the NVidia website to get MB drivers.

    Hit download - "Internet Explorer has stopped working".

    Reboot and repeat 3 times

    Give up, try Video card drivers - no problem.

    Back to MB drivers - works no problem.

    Do all other updates - no problem.

    Total time well over 3 hours, but go figure? What went wrong the first 3
    times. How did a video card driver fix it, at least well enough to get
    by. Why, when I asked for detail did it tell me The failed Program,
    Internet Explorer, was written by the Microsoft Corporation etc... More
    to the point this was a completely new install on a machine (but not the
    drive) that Vista had worked on before and had installed without
    (apparently) having this problem. At that tie NOTHING has been added,
    this was Vista right out of the box as it were.

    RAM has had a 3 day test, Ubuntu ran well on it, so I do not have the
    slightest reason to suspect hardware.
    Charlie Tame, Jul 7, 2008
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  3. MichaelBN

    Nonny Guest


    Let me repeat that in case you missed it: NO.
    That is a really dumb question. REALLY dumb.
    Another dumb question.
    You obviously are cursed.
    Don't repeat dumb questions.
    I must have solved it here because I don't have that problem. Even
    with Word... an OLD VERSION of Word.

    By the way: your use of "you" seems to indicate that you think this is
    an official Microsoft area for reporting problems and getting

    News flash: it's not. It's a peer-to-peer group where folks who
    aren't cursed - as you are - try to help those that are.
    Nonny, Jul 7, 2008
  4. MichaelBN

    MichaelBN Guest

    First of all, let me apologize to anyone who may have been insulted by my
    question. The frustration from the "stopped working" problem maybe got the
    best of me.

    Secondly, however, I don't take the "curse" personally as I've read many of
    the other posts and the fact is that there are an inordinate number of posts
    that are peers asking peers why programs, many, many, many different
    programs, have suddenly "stopped working" when running under Vista.

    I could bring up the point that I don't remember getting one single "stopped
    working" error message with XP, but I figure that I'd be told that XP didn't
    contain the exact "stopped working" error message. My thought about that is
    that "stopped working" would have manifested itself in XP as programs
    constantly quitting or maybe the OS constantly locking up. It didn't
    manifest itself in XP in either of those ways. Programs didn't suddenly quit
    and the computer seldomly locked up and, when it did, I could usually track
    down why.

    As I said, I'm not a computer wiz, but I'm not exactly computer illiterate.
    When I have a problem that is time consuming and I can't figure it out
    myself, I come here and my peers have been good enough to help.

    If one has never encountered a "stopped working" problem with Vista, one
    ought to consider one's self fortunate. That fact is manifested by the
    plethora of issues that peers post here concerning program after program
    after program after application after program which have "stopped working".

    Is it my use of the work "glitch" which made you, nonny, my peer, refer to
    my question as dumb?

    To review:

    1. "Stopped working" is endemic to the Vista operating system. The proof of
    this lies in the number of questions which ask for help because programs
    and/or applications constantly "stop working" when running under Vista.

    2. This isn't a venue in which users ask experts about computer problems and
    receive answers, although I've been fortunate enough to meet peers in the
    past who have had the knowledge to help me and for that I'm grateful.

    3. As the words "stopped working", which mean that programs and applications
    of all kinds, those created by Microsoft and those not created by Microsoft,
    quit far too frequently and inconveniently, it appears to me to be anything
    but "dumb" to ask if Microsoft has looked into the OS to find if there's a
    common thread for a common problem.

    As I don't have ""
    associated with my name, then I guess that we can assume that all peers are
    equal, it's just that some peers are more equal than others.

    By the way, "dumb" would not be a word I'd use to describe a question asked
    of me by a peer. It's actually insensitive and doesn't lead anyone to a
    solution to the "stop working" problem which, it's obvious, is endemic to
    Vista's relationship with many, many, many programs and applications.

    I thought it was only in politics and I thought it was only Republicans who,
    when they don't have a logical answer to a question, resort to character
    assasination. Nope, looks like
    "" peers are prone to
    do the same thing.

    Are there any peers who know if this general problem is being addressed?

    Thanks in advance.

    Michael Bonanno
    MichaelBN, Jul 7, 2008
  5. MichaelBN

    Nonny Guest

    Your question was:
    How in the F can MS make an "overall" patch that will cure the list of
    problems you've had with several completely different programs?


    Yes, it was DUMB.
    Nonny, Jul 7, 2008

  6. The point is that it is *not* a general problem. Yes, I believe you
    when you say that you have the problem. And I also believe that there
    are others who have the problem. But this not typical of Vista. Many,
    many of us have no such problems at all. I have been running Vista
    since RTM in November of 2006, and I don't ever remember seeing a
    "stopped working" message. I know many other Vista users with similar
    experience--no problems at all.

    Remember that these newsgroups are where people come for help with
    their problems. Few people come here just to post that everything is
    OK. So you get to see a lot of threads started by people who have
    problems, and very few from those who don't. It gives you a very
    misleading idea of what's going on in the world. As someone else once
    said, hang around a transmission shop and you'll think that all cars
    have transmission problems.

    So why do some people (you and a few others) have this problem, and
    other people (me and many others) do not? There are many
    possibilities: malware infection, unstable hardware, unstable wall
    power, a particular hardware configuration which doesn't like Vista,
    problematical device drivers, etc. You've told us nothing that might
    help one of us to help you with the problem, but instead have ranted
    about its being a Vista problem. It's very difficult for anyone to
    address your problems when that's all you do.
    Ken Blake, MVP, Jul 7, 2008
  7. MichaelBN

    Nonny Guest

    Some quick research on Google Groups shows that not very many of your
    questions get answered.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with your verbosity?

    Maybe you'd get more help if you were more succinct and stuck to one
    problem item at a time??
    Nonny, Jul 7, 2008
  8. MichaelBN

    Nonny Guest

    Well said.

    I'll never win any points for diplomacy... but I've never tried to be
    diplomatic. It's no fun! ;->
    Nonny, Jul 7, 2008
  9. MichaelBN

    Charlie Tame Guest

    Nope, the frustration is not as rare as is claimed, although some of
    course is due to a user's lack of specific knowledge.

    Nonny is merely a troll, almost never imparts any real knowledge to the
    group, only delivers insults or states the already obvious. It directs
    replies to correcting poster's grammatical or spelling errors instead of
    the issue posted about.

    I can't think of any software I've used that is immune to the "Has
    stopped working" phenomenon, which does seem to imply what you said,
    that there is some common factor. Except for the repetition 4 times
    yesterday, my experience has been that is "Appears" to be random.

    As I stated earlier there appears to be no connection with the hardware,
    an opinion which is borne out by the fact that I have seen it on every
    Vista machine I have used, not always to the same extent but almost
    always for no obvious reason when it does happen. My concern is that MS
    do need to at least consider the possibilities that you stated, if only
    to produce some kind of verifiable denial. After all Nonny says
    he/she/it has never had the problem. Great, maybe if you aren't smart
    enough to even stress the OS or the machine it doesn't happen, posting
    insults to newsgroups is hardly stress for an operating system.

    In my case most recently the problems have been worse with Microsoft's
    own software than with anything else, largely with IE and Windows
    Explorer. This is really annoying when copying large numbers of files,
    since when that operation refuses to complete it takes a great deal of
    time to figure out what was copied and what was not, and then to try and
    isolate what may have been only partially copied. Shouldn't happen
    right? Well.

    Incidentally this copying process failure would happen with XP also, I
    think some issues with explorer are known.

    MS do need to address this, calling users of their products "Dumb" and
    blaming stuff on hardware all the time is not on. MS do not themselves
    do that and I believe that for people who claim to support MS to do that
    here is negative.

    As for criticism that your initial comment / post was too verbose and
    not specific enough here goes then.


    On a recent machine which has been thoroughly RAM tested and a new
    (single) drive installed, why, at around 3 am on Sunday July 6th 2008
    did IE fail 4 times with this problem when precious installs using the
    same hardware and DVD did not?
    Charlie Tame, Jul 7, 2008
  10. MichaelBN

    NetLink_Blue Guest


    There's a lot of truth in your observation, though these forums magnify the
    problem. I believe Microsoft has reached a critical point as a company, and
    Vista painfully mirrors the bloated, greedy and out-of-focus company that
    spawned it.

    I am running a high-horsepower computer, and Vista cruises along very well.
    But Vista is a huge hairball of code. Some sections seem to run well, but
    there may be parts that are patched and kludged together. How far can
    software writers and MS push code complexity before the whole thing
    collapses under it's own weight? I guess we will see, sports fans.

    No, other than going back to WinXP. Vista is the Titanic. We shall see if
    MS can keep it afloat.

    NetLink Blue
    NetLink_Blue, Jul 7, 2008
    Ken Blake, MVP, Jul 7, 2008
  12. MichaelBN

    MichaelBN Guest

    I thought I gave you some hints.

    I will be more specific. As this has happened to me on three machines, a
    Gateway desktop, my Gateway laptop and my wife’s HP laptop, I would ask you a
    favor. Please don’t direct me to the various third party corporations. They
    sent me here after they thought they gave me downloads that would fix the
    problems. Of course, they’re going to say it’s Microsoft which is at
    “faultâ€, and I mean “fault†in the most dignified manner.

    By the way, Nonny, what does “F†stand for? Ken, you’re an MVP. Is “F†the
    kind of non representation that Microsoft wants non experts to be expressing
    toward their peers. Quite a temper.

    That, of course, is another problem.

    I had Internet Explorer stopped working quite a few times on all three
    computers. I actually think that I downloaded a patch that seems to have
    fixed it for the most part.

    Microsoft Word, Office 2007, began to “stop working†the day after I
    purchased this, the Gateway laptop.

    As I said, I was told that temp Word files that were hanging around here and
    there were the reason it was quitting. As tracking down temp files is, for
    me at least, much more complicated than it was on XP, I not only deleted any
    files under Users>my username>AppData>Local>Temp, none of which were Word
    temp files, but I did a search for “.tmp†and told the OS to look
    “everywhereâ€, not just in indexed areas. I found a few “.tmp†files of which
    few were Word.

    That was on the Gateway desk top. The day after I purchased this laptop,
    Word “stopped workingâ€. How many Word “.tmp†files can there be on a one day
    old computer? I did the search and that question was answered for me. None.

    I can’t finish a Word document without “Word has stopped workingâ€, followed
    up by a choice between “close the program†and “Word is starting upâ€. Then,
    of course, there’s the choice of which copy of my document I want to keep.
    Finishing a Word document takes quite a while under these conditions.

    OK, there’s Word and IE. Are there any peers that can help me with that
    particular problem?

    Sony Acid 4 is a very old version, so I thought I might have trouble with
    it. I record music, live. When I plug my instruments in, I set Acid and,
    when I’m ready to play, I click start, the marker moves, the counter counts
    and I record. This never happened to me with XP, but, after playing a note
    or two, the screen fades and the famous “Acid has stopped working†appears.

    I restart the machine, do my part all over again and, badabing badaboom
    “Acid has stopped workingâ€. Tough to record a whole song when I can’t record
    part of a track.

    So I broke down and bought Sony’s latest, Acid Pro 6, did my part, clicked
    start and “Acid stopped workingâ€. No songs recorded yet with Vista.

    Sony did have a download which they said may help the problem. I
    downlooaded it and bada…well, you know.

    So far, IE, which is quitting less frequently, Word, which isn’t even
    running long enough to complete a document without it quitting on several
    occasions, Sony music software, which Sony offered me help with (and didn’t
    call me one name) have “stopped working†problems.

    There’s a generic “Windows Explorer has stopped working†which is a once a
    day or at least evey other day occurrence.

    Thus far, I need assistance on Word, Sony Acid 6 and Windows Explorer. How
    do I stop them from “stop working�

    My wife’s game entitled Sherlock Holmes by a company named Adventure Company
    has stopped working. She’s not seen level one or whatever the game has, I
    don’t play it but I saw the dreaded fading screen and “Sherlock Holmes has
    stopped workingâ€, which is to be understood as he died quite a few years ago.

    But, all seriousness aside, can we get some help with Sherlock Holmes by
    Adventure Company?

    Those are some specifics.

    What do all of these problems have in common. We’re trying to run them on

    How is that meaningful?

    Word, IE, Windows Explorer and Sony music mixing software never quit while
    running under the XP operating system.

    That’s about as specific as I can get. There’s no point in time, like
    quitting after 3 minutes or during the recording of track 2 or 3 or when I’m
    recording guitar or piano or when Windows Explorer opens this or that program
    or this number of programs or that number of programs or when I’m using
    Outlook and Word or Exel and Word. There’s no particular trigger that I’ve
    noted which ultimately results in “stopped working†messages.

    I tried real hard not to be sarcastic, I tried to give you specifics and
    now, if you’d be so kind, could we try to fix the “stopped working†problems
    with the programs I mentioned in this thread?

    Thanks so very much.

    Michael Bonanno
    MichaelBN, Jul 7, 2008
  13. MichaelBN

    Charlie Tame Guest

    I do have one suggestion that may or may not prove worthless, anybody's
    guess really.

    I have found Vista to be very sensitive to video driver problems. Also,
    it seems quite sensitive to motherboard driver problems. Indeed that is
    the very reason why I targeted both of them for download before anything
    else. So last night I tried the mobo driver first which is when IE
    failed 4 times in a row, but then after the video driver update all has
    been fine since. Was it something to do with the video driver? Who knows.

    You might try the NVidia site to see if they can detect new drivers for
    your machines, if NVidia is not used no harm done. If not them then
    Gateway's or HP's websites may have updated drivers.
    Charlie Tame, Jul 7, 2008
  14. MichaelBN

    MichaelBN Guest

    Thank you Charlie. That's kind of how I'm looking at it now. Who knows why
    a fix works? Coincidence?

    I will investigate the video driver. I don't have an NVidia sound card or
    video card.

    I guess this costs money, but, if I wanted to speak to someone who is an
    expert, by phone or otherwise, can someone point me in the right direction?
    I just can't keep having programs quitting. I get absolutely nothing done.

    Again, thanks Charlie. I appreciate your feedback.

    MichaelBN, Jul 7, 2008
  15. MichaelBN

    Charlie Tame Guest

    Well I am sure the first question any paid help will ask is whether all
    your drivers are up to date. Sometimes in the past the "Latest" video
    drivers were not the best, but at least NVidia seem to have improved
    that a great deal. I imagine most suppliers have. Why drivers make a
    difference to these mysterious glitches I don't know, perhaps some kind
    of critical timing thing or whatever.

    I suppose "Stopped Working" is better than a blue screen :)

    Another way to look at this is that maybe in previous versions these
    "Errors" got by the OS (Leading to a bigger crash if you waited long
    enough?) but Vista is actually better at trapping them, and so now even
    MS own software comes under better scrutiny than ever before.

    Suffice to say that because thousands claim never to see this your
    problem is still a real one, and I see no call for any customer to be
    insulted. You are most certainly not alone...

    Good luck with it and if you find an answer that solves your problems
    please post back and let us know. Just be wary of doing the first thing
    you find, some are a bit off the wall.
    Charlie Tame, Jul 8, 2008
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