Streaming Minidriver for PCI Card (CAPTURING VIDEO, PCI)

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by Pawel, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. Pawel

    Pawel Guest


    I'm looking for solution of following problem:
    How to handle PCI device that captures video in Streaming Minidriver?

    I've wrote driver for linux, I've wrote a WDM driver for Windows that
    handles PCI card properly, but I'm unable write a Streaming Minidriver
    that handles this hardware.

    I modified "TestCap" example from DDK, and as far as I understand it
    SRB_INITIALIZE_HARDWARE is corresponding to AddDevice and PnP's

    After restart of computer, system is loaded properly, and after few
    it reboots. I can see all my three Memory Access Ranges.
    From examples found in internet I guess that they are already mapped
    into virtual memory, is it correct?

    If I'll finish this driver, I promise to develop a decent "How to
    write WDM Capture Minidrivers for PCI boards" tutorial.

    Thank you for any help,

    Here is what I have added to TestCap sample SRB_INITIALIZE_HARDWARE


    // removed from TestCap example:
    // if (ConfigInfo->NumberOfAccessRanges != 0) {
    // DbgLogError(("Testcap: illegal config info\n"));

    // pSrb->Status = STATUS_NO_SUCH_DEVICE;
    // return (FALSE);
    // }

    DbgLogInfo(("TestCap: Number of access ranges = %lx\n",
    DbgLogInfo(("TestCap: Memory Range = %lx\n",
    DbgLogInfo(("TestCap: IRQ = %lx\n",

    if (ConfigInfo->NumberOfAccessRanges != 0) {
    pHwDevExt->ioBaseLocal =(PULONG)(ULONG_PTR)

    // disable all interrupts
    unsigned long *addr =
    (unsigned long*) ( ((int) pHwDevExt->ioBaseLocal) +
    *addr = 0;
    Pawel, Oct 28, 2004
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