Streets&Trips 2007 with GPS Nav install issue for Vista solved

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by Richie J, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Richie J

    Richie J Guest

    Search no more all. I finally received the correct solution for installing
    streets and trips 2007 with gps nav from microsoft telephone support.
    Let me tell you this first. I uninstalled/reinstalled s&t 6 times,
    reinstalled vista os, formatted my harddrive, clean booted, ran installer
    under compatibility mode for xp srv pack 2 and ran as admin and NOTHING
    resolved issue. I finally contacted phone support at microsoft and the guy
    remoted into my machine and fixed it right up.
    Here is the solution:
    dont let autorun try to start the install. However you chose to do it,
    rather using windows explorer or whatever, get to the point where you are
    viewing the contents of the DVD. From there, here is the path you need to
    follow to get to a different installer which will install the program WITHOUT
    admin rights and WITHOUT having to install text to speech seperately. (my
    cdrom/dvd drive is assigned to E: on my machine, yours may differ) Path=
    and the file you want to run in the msmap folder is called data. It is a
    windows installer package type file a little bigger than 2 megs. This will
    install the program without even messing with the text to speech engine
    (which is already built into windows) and once installed, the program will
    run fine. Hope this relieves the stress you have probably had trying to get
    bill gates products to run on bill gates products. :)

    Signed, MUCH relieved Rich J from CT
    Richie J, Oct 17, 2007
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