Stretched faxes when printed in Vista

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Printing / Faxing / Scanning' started by andrcan, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. andrcan

    andrcan Guest

    I just experienced the same problem at work.

    A colleague just called me to fix a fax printing problem.
    She is able to correctly view the fax with Windows Photo Gallery, but she
    cannot properly print it with any installed printer, because it becomes
    The preview shows the fax using a landscape paper format (we currently use

    Then I tried to open it with Paint Shop Pro XI and Paint (on Windows XP
    Professional and Vista Business).
    The image (in TIFF format) is "actually" stretched in a landscape way.
    So I checked the image properties and I found that the width is 1728 pixels
    and the heigth is 1123 pixels.

    At work we are using Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition, and I configured
    the Fax Service with an external US Robotics Fax Modem with A4 paper settings.
    I checked also other faxes in our incoming folders, to see if all the faxes
    have the same problem... But not...
    Only some... Maybe 10% of the total.

    Maybe the problem could be generated by the Windows NT Fax service, the one
    that creates the TIFF image then sent via e-mail, and saved in the incoming
    faxes folder.
    Probably some image properties are wrong. Maybe the height in particular is
    a half of the real size.

    The strange thing, now, is the visualization that is right using Windows
    Photo Gallery.
    Another strange thing is that it is possible to correctly print the fax
    using a Windows XP operating system, with Windows Picture and Fax viewer.

    It could be useful a tool that permits to re-adjust the image properties of
    the faxes in the inbox folder, and a patch for Windows 2003 Server to solve
    the problem.
    I repeat. To me it is not a problem related specifically to Windows Vista.
    It is related to the fax service. And maybe Microsoft patched the image
    viewers in Windows XP to "manage" the fax service error.

    I really don't know. I hope that someone could solve this issue as soon as
    I think that out there there is a lot of people thinking to migrate from
    Windows XP to Windows Vista that, with its image viewers, doesn't "manage"
    the fax service error...

    I will appreciate an answer from someone...

    Best regards.

    Andrea Canova.
    andrcan, Sep 26, 2007
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  2. andrcan

    skymckinney Guest

    It would appear that the image viewers are not takeing into account th
    resolution of the fax. the standard resolution on most fax machines i
    200x100 dpi. the only solution I have is to strecth/skew the image an
    reduce the width by 50%. If there is a better solution I would love t
    hear about it. My client imports the tiff into a medical EMR databas
    and this problem is very inconvient for them. When they recieve faxe
    sent in fine resloution 200x200 everything is fine. Please hel
    skymckinney, Jul 31, 2009
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