Stuttering live HDTV on all channels except one, all 100% receptio

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Ray Nist, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Ray Nist

    Ray Nist Guest

    I have a sony vaio desktop with 3.0 Pent-D and vbox external hdtv tuner.
    X300 graphics card, not sure of tuner card. 1gb ram.

    I have a roof mounted HDTV antenna and I get all channels on my HDTV. I
    connected the antenna to my vbox and ran through the MCE Digital signal
    setup. All channels show 6bars/100% signal strength, however, when watching,
    all channels hiccup/freeze except my CBS station which is perfect.

    I tried a new video card (Radeon X800xl) and there was no difference.

    Any ideas?

    Ray Nist
    Ray Nist, Jan 31, 2006
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  2. Ray Nist

    JW Guest

    What DVD Decoder are you using?
    Will a recorded program also stutter? If not then you may have a shared IRQ
    It is interesting that CBS is ok since it isa 1080i channel and ABC whcih is
    a 720p channel is not.
    What resolution are you outputing over what interface to your display(s)?
    JW, Jan 31, 2006
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  3. Ray I had the same problem with the USB hdtv vbox, I fix the problem with a
    powered USB hub $9.00 us.
    Richard Miller, Jan 31, 2006
  4. Ray Nist

    Ray Nist Guest

    Hmmm, I am not sure what DVD decoder I am using, how can I tell??

    I am just viewing this on my monitor, 1024x724.

    A recorded program will also stutter.


    Richard, did you have some channels that worked and some that didn't?

    Ray Nist, Jan 31, 2006
  5. Ray Nist

    Brian Guest

    I have read elsewhere a powered USB hub will likely fix this issue.
    Brian, Jan 31, 2006
  6. Ray Nist

    JW Guest

    JW, Jan 31, 2006
  7. Ray Nist

    Ray Nist Guest

    Thanks for the replies, I will check the decoder and try a powered hub.

    Ray Nist, Jan 31, 2006
  8. Ray Nist

    Ray Nist Guest

    The powered hub worked!!!! I get all channels now perfectly.

    Weird that it didn't happen with CBS??
    Ray Nist, Feb 1, 2006
  9. Ray good news Iam glad it worked

    Richard Miller, Feb 1, 2006
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