Support of NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 GPU

Discussion in 'Windows 64 Bit' started by Gilles Vollant \(MVP\), Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Hello,

    I've installed Windows 64 bits on a computer with a "NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti
    4200" graphics adapter.

    This is AGP 8x adapter, and Pnp ID is VEN_10DE&DEV_0281

    This is very strange, because this adapter is not supported natively b 64
    bits driver.

    I downloaded 81.98 forceware, both 32 and 64 bits

    32 bits nv4_disp.inf contain line for this adapter
    64 bits nv4_disp.inf don't contain line for this adapter

    this is strange, because :
    - 64 bits nv4_disp.inf support older and slower card (like Geforce 4 MX420
    or Geforce 4 MX 440)
    - if I force nvidia driver installation, the driver run well.
    - the file " 81.98_ForceWare_Release_Notes.pdf" , page 51, say that Geforce4
    Ti 4200 is supported by both 32 and 64 bits windows drivers
    Gilles Vollant \(MVP\), Jan 9, 2006
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  2. Gilles Vollant \(MVP\)

    Bob Guest

    Hi Giles, I had the same trouble and after emailing nVidia I found that the
    driver 81.95 works in the 64 bit O/S
    Bob, Jan 9, 2006
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  3. You might check:

    they succesfully pointed me to a driver that set my GO Card into full swing!
    I think they have everything supported.

    Tony. . .
    Tony Sperling, Jan 9, 2006
  4. I compared 81.95, 81.98 and 82.12 INF file, and I don't found the Geforce 4
    Ti 4200 (or VEN_10DE&DEV_0281 )

    I compared several Windows 64 bits beta (several where public), and I found
    that Ti4200 was in older, but not in latest. It was in the autumn 2004 beta.
    I look at nv4_disp.in_ (which decompress on nv4_disp.inf)

    What methode/URL do you find to contact nvidia ?

    I suppose that driver run well on Geforce 4 Ti 4200, but Nvidia don"t take
    time to test this adapter very well (because this card is old and less
    produced than Geforce 4 MX 440, by example), so they don't officially
    support it.

    But NVidia say this card is supported in their PDF
    Gilles Vollant \(MVP\), Jan 9, 2006
  5. Gilles Vollant \(MVP\)

    FernandoBR Guest

    Clarify me on this: you're using the 32 bit driver package in the 64 bit XP
    Thank you.
    FernandoBR, Apr 5, 2006
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