Suppressing a Vista event logging request

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by zarbiker, Jan 12, 2008.

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    I am running Windows Vista Ultimate (along with native XP in other
    partitions) on my Dell Precision 530 Workstation. The original video card
    was not Vista compliant. I was able to find an Aero capable Nvidia Geforce
    7600 GS AGP video card and it runs Aero features quite well. However, the
    card has a firmware glitch that erroneously decides that voltage is
    insufficient (voltage is actually fine). To inform the driver software of
    this condition the graphics car repeatedly causes a series of hardware
    interrupts indicating that (false) voltage failure events have occurred. For
    each such notification the Nvidia driver logs a System error record to the
    system log filling the event viewer with thousands of error records within
    just a few seconds. The CPU and IO processing involved in all this logging
    cripples performance and makes the system barely usable. If I could somehow
    eliminate this erroneous logging I would have a fully working responsive
    Vista system. I cannot buy a new card (Aero capable AGP cards are few and
    far between) so I checked about getting repaired firmware.
    Unfortunately, this cards manufacturer offers no mechanism to upgrade the
    firmware. An alternative would be to focus on the software side and stop the
    Nvidia driver from logging these events even though it is prompted by the
    card to post an error. However, my attempts to get Nvidia to let me know how
    to do this have failed.
    So I'm left with one final possibility - suppressing the logging process
    itself so that even though the driver issues a log request the Vista logging
    subsystem will (selectively?) reject it. This sort of request filtering
    could dramatically reduce the resource consumption overhead associated with
    actually recording and externalizing the log records and would most likely
    improve system performance. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Does
    Vista let you selectively deflect log requests? I'd even settle for a way to
    globally suppress all log requests since this problem is a real showstopper.
    zarbiker, Jan 12, 2008
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