SUS client- the intranet sus server web site is not configured

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by dwi, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. dwi

    dwi Guest

    I have a problem after I configure sus clients by registry
    editing. The clients still update to microsoft site not to
    my local SUS server (I already put Wus server intranet
    values in the registry). This problem only for sus clients
    that don't log on to the domain, but the GPO clients don't
    have this problem.

    This is from microsoft support site:
    Problem Description:
    From the client you attempt to access the SUS server ( go
    to http://servername )and the user gets "This web site is
    not yet configured"

    If you have not set up a web site on the server (other
    than SUS), you will get this message if you access the
    root web. The client is hard coded to automatically check
    the /content folder so it never accesses the root web.
    To configure the client, use GPEDIT.MSC to configure the
    local group policy to ensure that the client is receiving
    the policy, that the keys are created in the right place,
    created with the correct value types, and with the correct

    But the result is still the same, could you help me please?

    dwi, Jul 17, 2004
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  2. dwi

    Lucy [MSFT] Guest

    For SUS related issues please post on the SUS newsgroup:
    Lucy [MSFT], Jul 19, 2004
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