svpack.log error ApplyAdminSystemAclsRecursive for c:\windows\$hf_mig$ failed;

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Dix, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Dix

    Dix Guest

    What does (SP2)svpack.log error:

    DoInstallation: ApplyAdminSystemAclsRecursive for c:\windows\$hf_mig$
    failed; error=0x00000003

    mean, Warning, Error, Critical Error ?
    How can this be avoided when SP2 is installed ?

    What about
    'Failed to query DriverPath of ROOT\LEGACY_IO.SYS\0000 0x2'
    PruneCatalogsFromHotfixes:RegQueryValueEx Failed: 0x2
    531.235: MySetRestorePoint: LoadLibrary for SrClient.DLL failed: 0x7e
    537.547: GetCatVersion: Failed to retrieve version information from
    with error 0x57
    554.141: GetCatVersion: Failed to retrieve version information from
    with error 0x57
    with error 0x57
    Unable to obtain Target file size: C:\WINDOWS\Driver Cache\i386\

    PruneCatalogsFromHotfixes:RegQueryValueEx Failed: 0x2
    ApplyAdminSystemAclsRecursive for c:\windows\$hf_mig$\Service Pack 2
    failed; error=0x00000003
    Failed to retrieve version information from C:\WINDOWS\ with
    error 0x80092004
    How to identify the root cause ?
    How are SvPack.log errors classified.

    I had serious problems with XP and apps after installing SP2 from CD
    (rtm.0 40803-2158):
    - RPC cannot be started - access denied
    - updating not possible - Verification problems, crypto services cannot
    be started
    - Help and Support do not run
    - Printer installation not possible - queue cannot be started

    I managed to roll back to SP1, it was a hell(access denied etc.) and
    want to install SP2 again.
    Any clues ?

    Thanks, Dix
    Dix, Sep 7, 2006
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  2. Dix,

    Open the setupapi.log also located in the WINDOWS directory.
    Do a Search for Access Denied error messages.
    If there are a number of these errors, the issues are related to

    Frankly, the errors from the svcpack.log *may* indicate that there's an
    issue with WMI. Has a prior repair installation been performed ?

    If yes, strongly recommend the perserving of data, apps, programs, etc.
    Then reformat and reinstall XP.
    To avoid having to reinstall SP2, slipstream it with the original XP CD:

    MowGreen [MVP 2003-2006]
    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten
    MowGreen [MVP], Sep 7, 2006
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  3. Dix

    Dix Guest

    Thank you, Mowgreen,

    setupapi.log is a later date, unfortunately. Probably from my
    rstrui.exe run.
    There is no 'access denied' in it.
    I found many(many!) other:
    'Selecting best compatible driver failed. Error 0xe0000228: There are
    no compatible drivers for this unit (translated)
    #W157 Default installer failed. Error 0xe0000228:
    #E099 Writing of "C:\WINDOWS\INF\wuau.adm" to "C:\WINDOWS\INF" can
    cause problems.
    #E197 Writing "C:\WINDOWS\INF\wtv5.inf" to "C:\WINDOWS\INF" is not an
    approved method of installing INF files. Use a 'CopyINF' entry instead.

    Many 'unsigned or incorrectly signed file' errors

    Michna's article deals with cases where the installation stops - as far
    as I understand. In this case, the SP2 installation succeded without
    errors beside the log errors.
    There was no prior repair installation.
    I can run most sripts from Scrip-o-matic except access other PC's in
    the net.
    Should I de-install WMI and how ?

    Should I de-install the SYGATE firewall prior to upgrade SP2 ?
    Could a re- direction of My Files Folder to a larger drve cause any
    issue ?

    Thanks, Dix
    Dix, Sep 8, 2006
  4. Dix,

    It's apparent SP2 is not installing correctly. However, a great deal of
    the error messages in the svcpack.log are useless in diagnosing why.
    My log shows plenty of erros and the install went smoothly.
    Go figure ;)
    NO. What we need to determine is if it's functioning correctly.
    Right click My Computer either on the Desktop or Start Menu and choose
    Click the plus sign next to Services and Applications.
    Click on WMI Control to highlight it, then right click on it, and choose
    Was WMI able to connect ?
    I would. Since the native firewall in SP2 will be installed and
    protecting the system, uninstall Sygate for now. If you still want to
    use it afterwards, then reinstall it.
    You're referring to My Documents, correct ? If you've moved any User
    folders to a different partition or drive, try moving them back with
    whatever program/app you used for now.
    Once SP2 installs you can move them back to where you want them located.

    Was the attempt to install SP2 done at Windows Update, from the full
    downloaded SP2 packagage, or from the SP2 CD ?
    Strongly recommend that you either download the entire SP2 package or
    order the CD.

    Check for any driver updates for hardware from the manufacturers'
    website that are specifically meant for SP2.
    Check the system's manufacturer's website for any updates aimed at
    issues with SP2.

    Run chkdsk, then defragement the HD, disconnect all peripherals, disable
    the installed antivirus program from all monitoring of the system (ditto
    for security software that monitors any change in the registry or to
    browsers,etc.), and then install SP2.

    Enable verbose logging as described in the Michna article.
    This way, if there are issues with the install again, at least we'll
    know specifically what the issue(s) are.

    MowGreen [MVP 2003-2006]
    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten
    MowGreen [MVP], Sep 8, 2006
  5. Dix

    Dix Guest

    Thanks, MowGreen, your hints are very much appreciated.
    MWI started allright(now, pre SP2 fixes). Path:

    SP2 was installed from "MS CD 'Windows XP Professional SP2 German Patch
    CD Web Only Pro/Home" (..rtm.040803-2158), dated 2004-12-22.

    Why is the CD labelled 'Web only' ?
    Why does an installation from CD result in: RegOpenKeyEx for
    SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed
    Components\{FDC11A6F-17D1-48f9-9EA3-9051954BAA24} KeyName failed :0x2)

    I found another setup.log from the same SP2 installation date,
    indicating RPC start error:
    'd:\xpsprtm\base\ntsetup\oobe\msobmain\msobmain.cpp,1955,,We waited for
    RpcSs to become ready, but it never did'
    What is oobe anyway ?

    After installing SP2, I found most system errors resulted from services
    which could not start because dependance to other services. Starting
    RPC manually resulted in "access denied"

    Before running SP2, I had
    - Sygate Firewall deactivated, but installed
    - FritzCard USB ISDN- Services:d eactivated, but installed
    - Microchip MPLAB MC18 USB Programmer: deactivated, but installed
    - Google Desktop: deactivated, but installed
    - CygWin: deactivated, but installed
    - Daemon Tools: CD disk emulator: this one was active, it was not shown
    in sys tray.
    - Roxio DirectCD: might have been active

    Are there any issues with one of these programs when installed ?
    I am not sure whether I could get all my applications installed and
    working again after deinstallation and SP2 upgrade.

    Yes, I did a system image and tested it for consistence but fortunately
    never needed a restore. I want to leave this as the very last

    I am close to giving up on SP2.

    Thanks, Dix
    Dix, Sep 9, 2006
  6. Dix

    Dix Guest

    Dix, Sep 9, 2006
  7. FDC11A6F-17D1-48f9-9EA3-9051954BAA24 is the CLSID for .NET Framework
    Since WMI is functioning correctly, suggest you determine if .NET has
    been damaged/corrupted and needs to be either repaired or

    MowGreen [MVP 2003-2006]
    *-343-* FDNY
    Never Forgotten
    MowGreen [MVP], Sep 12, 2006
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