Swapping MCE and XP Pro on two machines (i.e. Dell 9100 is a POS)

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Roger J. Caldwell, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Dear MVP's:

    In October I purchased a Dell Dimension 9100 MCE. Overall it's a decent
    machine, speedy, abundant and easily expandable. However, since receiving
    it I have had constant troubles from the jaked-out TV Tuner card. (angel
    p.o.s.) It seems that the software drivers will become corrupted whenever I
    use any java-based web apps. Also, the DVD drive will often just cease to
    function. It still shows in Explorer/My Computer but is unable to read any
    discs until I reboot. I went round and round with Dell's third-world,
    know-nothing, never-even-seen-a-MCE-before tech support agents and never
    received any resolutions.

    So now with the last round of "updates" from MS, the MCE interface has been
    thoroughly hosed. I attempted to resolve the issues on my own, before
    finding the KB article on how to properly fix it. After following the
    directions it has restored some of the functionality (I'm able to use the
    streaming audio, media player for audio only and photo albums) but I'm still
    unable to use any of the video. (unable to view live TV or record anything)
    Various errors remain from error code 1, error code 3, to the interface
    simply crashing and disappearing without any error.

    I have resigned to the fact that I will likely have to reload the OS. This
    brings my to my two questions:

    1. If I reload, will reloading on top of the existing be a safer option, or
    would it be best to format and perform a clean install?

    2. I have found an excellent deal on an off-lease HP machine that comes with
    XP Pro. Would it be possible to install the XP Pro on the Dimension and
    then the XP MCE on the HP? Is it possible to "switch" the license from one
    machine to another after registering the MCE with MS previously? This way I
    could inexpensively maintain the MCE on a dedicated machine while still
    keeping the kick-as performance available on the 9100.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance and wisdom,
    Roger J. Caldwell, Apr 5, 2006
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