Swing Migration vs. Overhaul.

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by IBC, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. IBC

    IBC Guest

    I'm debating the merits of a swing migration vs just redoing the entire
    server. The existing server has some underlying bugs that have been their
    since the install 4 years ago. First, the pop3 connector won't let me point
    multiple email addresses to one particular mailbox. Second, the person who
    installed the server used "corp.company.com" for the name and I'd like to
    switch that to "company.lan". There are other "tiny" issues that mostly go
    un-noticed and I hate to corrupt a new server swinging any of this over.

    The new server has different drive partitioning and different tape backup
    which leads me to believe that swinging the data may not be smooth at all. I
    don't relish the thought of having to exmerge exchange or recreating the
    users and all the permissions.

    Is it possible to do a partial swing? Am I better off just starting from
    scratch? I understand this a question that seems like it should be pointed
    right to Jeff, but I think there are enough common general concepts that the
    average migration would see similar issues.

    Thanks for your time!
    IBC, Jan 18, 2005
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  2. Hey, you get me anyway in this case. :)

    From the list of what you cited, all of the things you rank as priority are
    addressed in a Swing Migration, and are not a problem, with the exception of
    the Netbios domain name issue. If you didn't want to change the internal
    Netbios domain, you would be doing the classic example of what Swing does
    very well....cleans up the mess, saves the AD, saves the Information Store

    The different Exchange connectors and such, these are all part of the server
    install, not the Information Store. The clean install part of the Swing
    brings you a clean install of Exchange, only the store, Outlook rules,
    permissions and email addresses come across.

    Reconfiguring the partitions is not a big deal, you can relocate all the SBS
    stuff as you install it, and the custom shares you want to migrate can be
    handled with a tool I include in the kit to automate the transfer of any
    shares you want, including the original security, and with the option to
    alter the path (read:change partitions) if you want to restore them
    differently that way.

    Moving the data over is by your choice of method, and you can keep or clean
    the NTFS permissions as suits you.

    Back to the Netbios domain name. I wouldn't bother with the change if
    everything else looks good to you. If you really want to change, you are
    going to have a lot more work to accomplish. I don't recommend using Swing
    to do a domain rename, but it's technically possible. As a general rule,
    ADMT is the supported method to change a domain name on an SBS....anything
    else is really getting a bit risky. Swing isn't risky, so that's why I don't
    suggest renames of the domain.
    Jeff Middleton [SBS-MVP], Jan 19, 2005
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  3. IBC

    IBC Guest

    Thanks Jeff!

    If you get the chance, please see my follow up questions inline:

    OK, this is good and bad. It solves my POP3 issue, but there are some screwy
    rules misc. people have created in Outlook that seem to reside on the
    exchange server and we can't seem to shed. Many of these are problematic in
    that people were simply trying out how rules work, but when they deleted the
    rules for some reason they still keep running on the server even though we
    don't want them too. I'm actually a bit glad the POP3 connector doesn't
    migrate as I was considering hosting the mail internally as many here have
    suggested over the last few years. With our addition of the Trend SMB
    product, I'm a bit less concerned about overwhelming SPAM issues that we let
    the ISP handle for now.

    I didn't know the tool did all that. Guess I should read my paperwork a bit

    I think I'm going to have to copy all the data and the store off to a
    network machine and then retransfer it back to the new Server. See any
    issues with that?

    My only concerns are that I want to consider hosting our mail here instead
    of the POP3 and I hoped to be able to add a "shudder" Mac client in the
    future. To me the POP3 concern is the greatest one. Is the fact that our
    domain is corp.company.com going to give us trouble with the outside? (we
    host our website externally)

    Thanks Jeff!
    IBC, Jan 19, 2005
  4. Killing Exchange and Outlook rules takes no genius.

    I generally don't prefer to copy to workstation because it's so simple to
    just plug in an EIDE drive at the server and do an XCOPY, while the copy to
    the workstation has to be done twice over the network.

    Is there a problem with corp.company.com for a Mac? I didn't think there
    was, so I don't think that would be a big deal. It's a trivial issue to
    resolve with the domain, just requires a DNS entry if you are hosting WWW at
    an ISP.

    The ShareMig tool is pretty cool, even if I did write it. I get a lot of
    really good feedback from people. I've had several people say that one tool
    is worth the cost of the entire kit, but that sort of depends upon how many
    shares with security you have. I know of a handful of folks who have written
    back to me to say that the last time they created those shares, it took them
    2-4 hrs, and the tool did it in about 3 minutes. One customer (non-SBS did a
    migration for 500 PCs with 1200 users) had the tool finished the share
    transfer in minutes...they had planned for days of work, or buying a $500
    tool for that one thing.
    Jeff Middleton [SBS-MVP], Jan 19, 2005
  5. IBC

    IBC Guest

    Apparently I'm no genius. =P

    I despise copying GB's of data over the network simply due to the time it
    takes. Never considered purchasing another drive (much less IDE) to make the
    swap. The cost of the drive will be far less than the time spent waiting for
    the copies to occur. Would a USB drive be just as good for this? I can
    justify that expense since we have other uses for an external HD......

    I shant lie to you; I'm not a formally educated Administrator, but I play
    one at work. Most of what I know is learned under duress or as a matter of
    'need to get this working'. A lot comes from reading this NG. I had read
    Susan's Blog about the Mini-Mac and noted she mentioned naming the domain
    ".lan" instead of ".local". That is where the question came from originally.
    Once I went back tot he blog and onto the article she has posted within it,
    I see there is a work around if you don't have ".lan". My hope was to avoid
    another work around, but I know there is one, so that's why I mentioned that
    really the POP3 thing was my real concern.

    Unfortunately, In all my past readings what stuck with me is "for the love
    of Pete, DON'T name your internal server the same as your external domain
    name!". The REASON why escapes me. We have always had this server set up as
    corp.company.com and never had any issues, but I assumed that was because we
    weren't hosting mail or web from here. Since I recently started toying with
    personal Web spaces on my own time, I made the FURTHER assumption that
    corp.company.com would appear as a subdomain of the forbidden company.com,
    and feared that I would be unable to host mail due to our .com ending.

    I can't even tell you how many hours were spent creating the shares and
    permissions on this last server. The ShareMig tool will certainly be the
    crowning jewel of the migration as I won't have to tunnel down through every
    directory again.
    IBC, Jan 19, 2005
  6. I've watched copies side by side with USB and EIDE, I should say current
    model EIDE, and the EIDE beats it in most cases.

    But I think you go with the best value for you, it's close enough to not
    matter. I still love doing it with the SCSI 68pin. ZING!!!!
    Jeff Middleton [SBS-MVP], Jan 19, 2005
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