Switching between windows in Vista is easier than ever before, especially if you have an Aero capable graphics card.

You can get a simple graphical preview of all of the windows open, and switch between them by holding the ALT key and pressing TAB on your keyboard. Each further time you press tab, a new window will be highlighted. Simply release both keys to switch to that window.


If you want to get a better preview of each window (and assuming you have a good graphics card) you can do the same with the WINDOWS + TAB keys. Flip3D lets you cycle through each window, making it much easier to see what each thumbnail contains.


Both of these options provide easy ways to quickly jump between any windows that you have open, and is a great way to save time. Previous versions of windows could not show thumbnails of each application, however both methods in Vista allow this.​
Ian, Feb 13, 2008