Switch to Windows XP

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by Access Services, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Lets all switch to Windows XP(or downgrade). It'll make your life much
    easier. We haven't upgraded 1 computer in the whole network yet. Reply with
    your experiences!

    Access Services
    Martin Luther King Jr. Library
    San Jose Public Libraries
    Access Services, Jan 18, 2008
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  2. Access Services

    Puppy Breath Guest

    Eeeks! Heaven forbid. Vista totally rocks when you know what you're doing
    and have the right hardware.
    Puppy Breath, Jan 19, 2008
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  3. Access Services

    jean Guest

    I'd sur elove to do that...been looking on info of how to do it. I've had
    nothing but trouble.. everything I owned was not compatible.. I bought myself
    a laptop for Christmas and made sure i put xp on it.. Now t he vista is just
    collecting dust and it's not even a year old!!
    jean, Jan 20, 2008
  4. I have a laptop computer with Vista home premium, and a desktop with Windows
    XP, and I'm satisfied with that arrangment. So there!
    Just.some.guy, Jan 20, 2008
  5. Access Services

    Andy [YaYa] Guest

    This is my story...

    I work at Geek Squad (now that half of you have stopped reading...) part
    time, as a "fun job" when I'm not doing my other job.

    OK so it's not really a story, it's just what I like to tell customers who
    come in and say, Why do you like Vista?

    I tell them, "See all these computers behind me (our precinct has 80-90
    systems in repair on any given day), they all have 3 things in common. 1>
    they are running Limewire, 2> they all have viruses, and 3> they are all
    running Windows XP.

    It's been well over a year and rarely, if ever do we get Vista machines in
    for virus removal or basic software repair. We occasionally get hardware
    problems which are easily fixed. The initial setup of Vista can be a pain in
    the ass, but once it's done, or done right the OS works really well.

    My other job we upgraded half of the computers to Vista. The network has XP
    and 2K boxes as well, and they connect to a 2k server. No real issues. The
    only issue is we got 1gig of ram, which even in "business mode", meaning we
    don't game on them, can occasionally get slow because Vista is just a dog
    with RAM, but the OS is stable, it has AMAZING reliability and stability
    diagnostic tools built in. It cleans itself and generally does a lot of
    thing to prevent problems down the road.

    If you've never upgraded your systems, you simply don't know what you're

    I don't recommend upgrading all your systems at once, in fact I don't
    recommend upgrading anything. Buy new systems with Vista on it, and
    gradually rotate them into your day to day business after through testing.
    If you take the time to do an upgrade right, Vista is an extremely pleasant

    Now the question is, do you really need to upgrade? Running a Public Library
    is there really any need for state of the art? If your systems suffer from
    frequent virus attacks I would say, upgrade. I don't think there are many
    reference programs that require DirectX 10, dunno, maybe if you posted your
    reqirements we could comment on your phobias.

    Andy [YaYa], Jan 21, 2008
  6. Access Services

    VRG Scotty Guest

    Totally agree Andy, and well put, I'll never go back to XP. Plus I seem to
    remember all these moans when XP ME 98 were released.
    VRG Scotty, Jan 21, 2008
  7. Access Services

    Andy [YaYa] Guest

    Oh yeah, I totally heard them too, god XP and ME were both nightmares at
    launch, but the mainstream didn't hear about it because the Intarweb wasn't
    around back then, just the Internet, and it was a much more peaceful place
    than it is today. In other words, the only reason Vista sucks so bad is
    because the people who have something bad to say have this megaphone called
    "the Blogosphere", if the Sphere was around back when XP came out it'd
    probably be worse than the Vista launch.

    Andy [YaYa], Jan 21, 2008
  8. Access Services

    DarkSentinel Guest

    If more people understood the premise of...

    "Use what works best for YOU, and makes YOU most productive",

    we wouldn't get threads like this. Personally, I could care less if people
    used Goobertronics Buttmonkey OS, or whatever. As long as it gets what you
    want to get done, why gripe or post tripe about other people's choices?
    DarkSentinel, Jan 22, 2008
  9. Access Services

    SG Guest

    Goobertronics Buttmonkey OS? sounds like a heck of a OS, where can I get it?
    SG, Jan 22, 2008
  10. Access Services

    VRG Scotty Guest

    Linux forums :)
    VRG Scotty, Jan 22, 2008
  11. Access Services

    Not Me Guest

    Frank uses it, ask him!
    Not Me, Jan 23, 2008
  12. Access Services

    DarkSentinel Guest

    It's available at all the finest Bait & Tackle shops...;)
    DarkSentinel, Jan 23, 2008
  13. Access Services

    KevinD Guest

    I agree, I would absolutely NEVER go back to XP. My company deals with
    Banks as our Customers and the more progressive institutions are starting to
    migrate. Then there are those still trying to limp along on Win 98 / 2000.
    Man I hate that!

    Personally Vista has opened a world of entertainment with eye popping
    graphics in my home that makes my neighbors drool with jealousy.
    KevinD, Jan 27, 2008
  14. Access Services

    DarkSentinel Guest

    For me, the graphics don't mean anything. What concerns me is that it does
    everything that I need it to do, as good or better than XP. As I always say.
    Use what works best for YOU, and makes you most productive.
    DarkSentinel, Jan 29, 2008
  15. Access Services

    roy69 Guest

    I have both a main machine and laptop. The laptop uses xp and the main
    machine uses vista. I have no problems with either of them. Like
    DarkSentinel said, Use what works best for you.


    - Core 2 Quad Q6600
    - Abit IP35 Pro
    - 4 x 1GB OcUK PC2-6400 C5 800 MHZ Dual Channel
    - Leadtek GeForce 8800 GTS 640MB GDDR3
    - CiBox TFT 22" Widescreen LCD Panel. 1680 x 1050
    - Creative X-Fi 7.1 PCI-E
    - Antec 900 Ultimate Gaming Case
    - Creative Inspire 7.1 T7900 Speakers
    - Corsair HX 620W ATX2.2 Modular SLI Complient PSU
    roy69, Jan 29, 2008
  16. Access Services

    aldjkgjhfg Guest

    Perhaps the reason that not many computers with Vista come back with viruses
    is that they are hardly every used. I was forced to buy a computer with Vista
    pre-loaded and quickly found that it would not support any of the business
    applications that were supported by XP. I do use some specialized software
    but it is ridiculous that Vista is so different. Consequently I do not use
    the Vista computer all that often. If the O/S will not support its intended
    function who cares about viruses?
    aldjkgjhfg, Feb 11, 2008
  17. Access Services

    Drew Guest

    New to computers aren't you ?? That would be the only explanation for such a
    uneducated reply to the original post...The reason a new op system is
    different is for that reason for which I just stated ...When your software
    no longer works it is not Microsoft's fault but yours for switching to a new
    op system with out checking to see whether your software would work or
    not....Vista works just fine for its intended purpose...When Vista is
    installed properly on a system that is once again properly designed for
    Vista then it will run just fine...Take some 5yr old gasoline and try
    running it in a new car,,,It will not run worth a damn !!...Why you may ask
    ?? Because the gasoline is past its prime and cannot keep up with the demand
    of what is needed...You just cannot explain it easier than that............
    Drew, Feb 11, 2008
  18. Access Services

    Andy [YaYa] Guest

    Yeah, even I will admit that the first round of notebooks we had with Vista
    had 512 Ram on some of them, and even single core processors, now if you
    come to our store about 90% of the systems with Vista have 2 Gigs RAM and
    dual cores are minimum now.

    It may be that after 20 months that not that many people have chosen to
    bring their Vista machines in, instead just swapping them out for XP boxes
    (since you can't downgrade most of them (no XP drivers)), or dare I hope,
    Linux, but I've been on Vista at my other job and at home since almost day
    1, and my experiences are mostly positive.

    As for being forced to buying Vista, there are Apples out there, take a look
    around, I would not hesitate to recommend an Apple to ANYONE, they are great
    machines, but the people who use them can be arrogant pricks, but the
    machines are still good. Customer also said to me, well if Microsoft is
    "forceing" us to use Vista, they must have a fair amount of confidence in
    the OS. I mean if Microsoft didn't think Vista was good enough for the
    general public, I don't think it would be the only choice for mainstream
    consumers. right? Oh wait, it's not, there's Apple and Linux.

    I actually GOT a virus on my Vista box at work (General9.ACLM, damn porn
    sites). I was able to remove it with McAfee (Enterprise version) with little
    to NO effort on my part. Didn't even have to boot into safe mode. Virus kept
    triggering UAC, and McAfee kept it in check.

    If no one is using Vista, then why are so many people bitching about it? If
    you figure less than 10% (high figure) of people could be having problems,
    then damn there are a lot of people out there doing just fine.

    Take a class, get some training. Community Colleges are a great place to
    start. Yesterday I downloaded SP1 RTM (just hit bittorrent for those of you
    without scruples), but I haven't put it through it's paces yet. Can't wait,
    hoping some of the minor annoyances are cleared up.

    Andy [YaYa], Feb 12, 2008
  19. Access Services

    bandi Guest

    I hate Windows 7. If I had to do it over, I would never switch from XP.

    "Access Services" wrote in message

    Lets all switch to Windows XP(or downgrade). It'll make your life much
    easier. We haven't upgraded 1 computer in the whole network yet. Reply with
    your experiences!

    Access Services
    Martin Luther King Jr. Library
    San Jose Public Libraries
    bandi, Dec 25, 2010
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