Switching between Now Playing and Library tabs

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Aerophis, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Aerophis

    Aerophis Guest

    Window Media Player, is, in my opinion, the best Media player on the market.
    It's biggest problem seems to be that every time they release a new version,
    they add a few cool new options and get rid of a bunch of old ones we've
    grown to love, or even depend upon.

    In this case, when I click the tab to switch from Library to Now playing I
    can see the currently playing song and the screensaver like backround.

    The problem arises when I switch back to the Library tab. In Media Player
    10, it would instantly scroll the screen to whatever album/song you are
    currently playing. This worked great if you wanted to switch songs, rate a
    song, or get more information on a song.

    Now when I click back on the Library tab it scrolls right back up to the top
    of my list of songs. This really, really sucks. I very much hope that they
    fix this.

    -Ian Smith
    Aerophis, Dec 10, 2006
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