Switching between tabs? Keyboard shortcut?

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Benjamin M, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. Benjamin M

    Benjamin M Guest

    I used to be able to use Alt-Tab (well, I still can, but..) to switch between
    windows of Internet Explorer. How can I switch between tabs, or can I?

    Otherwise, very nice but not without some bugs - which are expected at this
    stage in development.
    Benjamin M, Jan 31, 2006
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  2. Benjamin M

    Danny Hille Guest

    try ctrl-tab

    Danny Hille, Jan 31, 2006
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  3. Benjamin M

    Benn Guest

    CTRL-PageUP and CTRL-PageDown would be much more consistent with other
    applications, such as Excel, where these keystrokes are used to switch
    between worksheets.


    Benn, Mar 18, 2006
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