Switching from Vista Ultimate 64-bit to Home Premium 32-bit

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by LAB Enterprises, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Does anyone here have experience/suggestions for switching for 64-bit to
    32-bit Vista? My sisters HP Pavilion laptop came with Vista Ultimate 64-bit,
    however, a $4000 program we just bought so she can work for herself will NOT
    run on Vista 64-bit (actually it's usb dongle is the part that doesn't work
    under 64-bit but they have no plans of changing this so we are having to
    change the os), so we are buying the full version of Vista Home Pro 32-bit
    for her.

    I'm planning to reformat her drive and install it from scratch, but wondered
    if anyone else has done this or has notes? Anyone know of a step-by-step
    anywhere? I've never installed Vista and its been years since I installed
    even XP, so... do we have to do a special formatting or anything to change
    it to 32 bit? Like the OFS versus FFS from years ago?

    Thanks in advance!

    LAB Enterprises, Feb 15, 2008
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  2. LAB Enterprises

    DP Guest

    Let me give you an initial warning. Eventually the more knowledgeable folk
    will weigh in.
    The computer was set up for 64-bit, so that means it has 64-bit drivers.
    Which means you're going to need the 32-bit drivers. They may be on the
    Vista install disk. They may not. Other responders will tell you how to
    handle that issue.
    And are you positive the dongle will work with 32-bit Vista? The company
    assures you of that?

    How did you wind up with 64-bit Vista? Did your sister order it that way?
    (Just wondering, since getting 64-bit Vista is hardly automatic. You really
    have to take a few extra steps to get it.)
    DP, Feb 15, 2008
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  3. LAB Enterprises

    John Barnes Guest

    You should have no problems, but you should make sure you have 32-bit
    drivers for all functions on the computer available. You may have to load
    the SATA driver during the install to see the drive to install on. After
    the install you will need to install the other 32-bit drivers.
    John Barnes, Feb 15, 2008
  4. LAB Enterprises

    Mick Murphy Guest

    As John said, check thedriver side of things 1st.

    First of all, at Power on, right at Startup, hit F2 or Delete, and go into
    It will tell you which Key to use for BIOS at the bottom of tha screen.
    Set your Boot order to boot from CD/DVD drive 1st.
    You will use the UP and DOWN Arrows to do it
    Have the 32bit DVD in the Drive; reboot.

    Follow instructions to delete the existing partition of Vista, format the
    Drive, install Vista.

    Any further questions, repost!
    Mick Murphy, Feb 15, 2008
  5. Previously on microsoft.public.windows.vista.general, LAB Enterprises
    Home Premium does not have built-in encryption. If she wants to use
    the Encrypted File System to protect her data against a physical theft
    of her computer, she'll need Vista Business or higher. For this
    reason, my employer is reimbursing me the upgrade price to go from Home
    Premium to Ultimate on my laptop.

    Jeffrey Kaplan www.gordol.org
    The from userid is killfiled Send personal mail to gordol

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    If an enemy I have just killed has a younger sibling or offspring
    anywhere, I will find them and have them killed immediately, instead of
    waiting for them to grow up harboring feelings of vengeance towards me
    in my old age.
    Jeffrey Kaplan, Feb 15, 2008
  6. Yes, I know I'll have to get the new drivers - not an issue since I have a
    very similar laptop already running Home Premium 32 bit and have all the
    drivers she will need since we are set up on the same network. And yes, the
    dongle works fine with 32-bit Vista, just not 64-bit Vista. They were
    actually demoing the program this week on 32-bit Vista machines.

    She bought a refurb HP Pavilion and didn't know there was any difference -
    it had Vista ultimate 64-bit installed on it. I bought an HP Pavilion at
    Office Depot brand new and it had 32-bit.


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    LAB Enterprises, Feb 15, 2008
  7. Thanks. No worries on encryption.

    LAB Enterprises, Feb 15, 2008
  8. Thanks. I know about bios settings so that’s not a problem. My biggest
    concern was if there was a different file system you have to use for 64 vs
    32 bit ala the old FFS thing but it doesn't appear to be so not too worried
    about it.

    LAB Enterprises, Feb 15, 2008
  9. Thanks. I have a nearly identical HP Pavilion with the 32 bit drivers
    already, so this isn't a big concern. We are networked too so she should
    just be able to search my drive for the suitable drivers when we get to that


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    LAB Enterprises, Feb 15, 2008
  10. LAB Enterprises

    John Barnes Guest

    Just because it is a similar model doesn't mean the drivers will work. Best
    go to the HP website and download the specific drivers for HER machine.
    John Barnes, Feb 15, 2008
  11. No, that won't work. You need to download the proper driver packages. Just
    having them installed on "a nearly identical PC" won't let you browse for
    them and load them. Neither is "nearly identical" good enough even if it
    would work. Laptops are notoriously finicky about drivers and the wrong
    ones can be a very bad thing to have.
    Richard G. Harper, Feb 16, 2008
  12. Right, that is the plan for any that we otherwise don't have. She doesn't do
    much on her pc though, so the only drivers she has really is nvidia (the
    identical card in mine), wifi (the identical card in mine). Which is why I
    said I already have the same drivers in mine. The only real difference in
    our specs is that hers came with ultimate 64 and mine had home 32 bit vista.

    LAB Enterprises, Feb 16, 2008
  13. LAB Enterprises

    John Barnes Guest

    There are numerous drivers associated with the motherboard that may not be
    the same unless you have the identical MOBO.
    John Barnes, Feb 16, 2008
  14. yes, I know. Thanks. I already downloaded all of those and put them on a
    thumb drive. Vista Home Pro should be here next week so I'll you all know
    how it goes after the install :)

    LAB Enterprises, Feb 16, 2008
  15. LAB Enterprises

    John Barnes Guest

    Sounds like you are all set. Good luck.

    John Barnes, Feb 16, 2008
  16. Well guys, I have to say, switching from Vista ultimate 64-bit to Home
    Premium 32-bit went super smoothly. No issues whatsoever. We formatted the C
    partition, installed VHP 32bit, and read the drivers we had already
    downloaded from a thumb drive and were up and running immediately. Actually
    one of the smoothest windows installations I've ever done.

    Thanks for all the advice :)

    LAB Enterprises, Feb 20, 2008
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