Sync Music to phone - goes to Music folder automatically - why..

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Tim Reynolds, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Tim Reynolds

    Tim Reynolds Guest

    Here is my delima. Got this new Razzle phone from Vz. When I use Windows
    Media Player to sync up my device (phone), it puts the music in a folder on
    my phone memory card called 'Music'. This can be see in Windows Explorer.
    The songs can be played from Windows Media Player from this device as well as
    seen in the Music Folder in Removable Drive (my phone) in windows explorer.
    However, the phone does not recognize them. Only when I MANUALLY move the
    mp3 files from the 'Music' folder to the 'my_music' folder can my phone
    recognize. FYI - Rhapsody has the same behaviour. Neither Verizon wireless
    has been able to help - I don't want to have to go to explorer and manually
    move files from one folder to another just so my phone will recognize. So
    ,,, my question in a nut shell is Exactly WHAT tells Windows Media Player to
    put the music in the 'Music' folder ? And can this be configured so when I
    sync this device - it will put in 'my_music'. A side issue is the fact that
    the phone must see the music files directly in 'my_music' as they cannot be
    in subfolders as WMP puts them in Music/artist/album/filename.mp3 - It must
    be my_music/filename.mp3. Can anyone help me?

    Tim Reynolds, Jan 10, 2010
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