Synching Outlook Calendars with Exchange Calendars

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Ron Anthony Quinn, May 13, 2005.

  1. I have a client who uses Exchange on SBS 2003 soley for the Calendar feature.
    The President of the company synchs his Blackberry to his Exchange Calendar
    so his assistant can see and modify his appointments, then he synchs it back.
    They currently still download their e-mail form their Verizon POP3 account
    as they don't like the 15 minite limit on the Exchange POP3 Connector.

    The other staff have seen this and now want to use exchange Calendars. What
    they want is ONE Exchange Calendar for the staff to use/see. They want to be
    able to mark their appointments in their Personal Calendars as either
    Personal or Business, then they all want to synch their personal Calendars to
    the ONE Exchange Calendar and have ONLY their Business appointments appear in
    the exchange Calendar so everyone can view each others appointments.

    Is this at all possible? In any way, shape or form?

    Thanks in advance... Cheers!
    Ron Anthony Quinn, May 13, 2005
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  2. Hi Ron - I see one solution and three workarounds for this:

    - To synchronize the personal calendars to a public folder calendar as you
    describe requires a 3rd party product. IIRC there are several available.
    If you want to go that route, I'd start by looking for recommendations at The Office web site has a long list of 3rd party Outlook
    and Exchange products as well.

    - You can set up a public folder calendar to be shared by the users. Then
    train them to create their appointments on the public calendar rather than
    on their personal calendars, and, on the Actions menu of the appointment,
    click "Copy to personal calendar." Once the appointment is copied to the
    personal calendar, reminders have to be set manually.

    - You can have the users change the permissions on their personal
    calendars - change "Default" from "None" to "Reviewer." Then, users can go
    into Calendar in Outlook and click on Open a Shared Calendar. Once they've
    opened the other users' calendars, they should appear in the navigation pane
    under "Other Calendars." Users can then check or uncheck the boxes to
    choose which of the other users' calendars are displayed side-by-side. This
    works great when you're not trying to look at a large number of calendars at
    once. Another option is to r-click the Calendar button on the navigation
    pane and select "open in new window," which lets you use a calendar window
    that's separate from your open Outlook window.

    - Mail enable a public folder calendar and have users "invite" that calendar
    to their appointments using the meeting planner. With this option your
    mileage may vary depending on how the users send appointments around the
    office. If you're forwarding appointments between users as a way of
    notifying them of events, you'll find that meeting requests generate entries
    on the personal calendars. In other words, to send you an informational
    message about an appointment, I can forward it to your Inbox, where you can
    choose what to do about it. But if instead of forwarding I use a meeting
    request, that appointment will end up on your personal calendar unless you
    explicitly decline it. Then the decline ends up back in my Inbox. So if
    you're just inviting the public calendar, this works, but if you're
    including other users, IMO it's more annoyance than it's worth.
    Dave Nickason [SBS MVP], May 13, 2005
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  3. Thanks Dave... all great tips and I will explore these with my client when I
    visit him tomorrow.

    Ron Anthony Quinn
    Chief Nerd Officer
    Network Nerds, LLC

    Ron Anthony Quinn, May 13, 2005
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