system blue screens every time windows tries to load

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by peterr, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. peterr

    peterr Guest

    I have a dell xps M1530.
    After fiddling with a bunch of settings to get protools 7.3 (an X
    program) to work in compatability mode, it wouldnt work after installin
    and uninstalling it a few times so i bought the new vista compatibl
    version but when i went to uninstall it it wouldnt let me
    I then turned off DEP with setup>performance>dep but it didnt work so
    disabled it in command prompt but it still wouldnt let me uninstall it
    Then after i turned it off the next time i turned it on it wouldn
    start. Every time i try to start it it loads up to the start of th
    windows load screen where the green bars usually go across the box, bu
    after loading the box and the windows logo it blue screens and goes bac
    to the initial loading screen
    Every time i run startup repair it says there is no problem, the
    restarts and does it all again
    Every time i run system restore i run it back before i tried installin
    protools at all, and it says its successful but then the same blu
    screen happens at the same time. When i run system restore it only let
    me run it on the OS: (system) drive and the other drives are able to b
    highlighted but i cant tick the boxes
    Any ideas? thankyou
    peterr, Mar 20, 2009
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