Vista is able to generate a System Health Report that is great for troubleshooting potential problems with your system. This 60 second process will create a list of system technical details, earmarking those which could cause system performance problems.

To load the application, run "perfmon /report" from the command line or find it in the control panel by visiting:

Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Performance Information and Tools > Advanced Tools > Generate System Health Report

Most of the likely problems encountered will be missing drivers or high usage of system resources, which will quite often be the memory but could be poor disk I/O performance or a whole other range of unexpected issues. This information is a great basic diagnostic tool for problems that you may not have realised you had, and resolving them could result in a more stable, faster system.


Once the report is generated, any problem areas will be marked with a warning symbol or a red light, followed by information and links to help troubleshoot the problems. It won?t be possible to detail how to fix every problem you encounter within this page, however most of the suggested resolutions are actually really useful (unlike previous versions of Windows that would go round in circles).
Ian, Jun 18, 2009